Shadow Control Endpoints not updating with endpoint backup information or endpoint changes


We have around 200+ endpoints on shadow control 4. I have noticed today that no endpoint information has been collected since 3AM.

This includes incremental backup information e.g. the next run time is saying 4AM but it is now 4PM. also if i add a drive to be backed up it is not showing on SC.

I have stopped the service and delete the endpnt file and restarted the service but this is not working.

The only other option is to unsubscribe and re subscribe but i cant to this for 200+ agents.

I have also noticed that if you click on show windows logs it pulls up to date logs from the endpoint PLUS if you click on the backup job log the log will display the log from the latest incremental within the hour but the info above it is displaying 3AM like it is on the main endpoint job window. so it is still talking to the endpoint but the info from shadow protect isnt all updating on the portal.

Is there any advice or troubleshooting tips anyone has? or any way to force push an update from the console instead of individually from the endpoints?


Thank you




We had the same issue

If you are using ShadowControl 4, there was a bug/performance issue.  I would reach out to support if that is the case. 


What version is stable. Thinking of restoring from backup.

Hi it's version can you confirm the exact version that there is an issue? There was a new release recently so I don't know if it's that that has caused it?


thank you



This sounds like an issue we have seen, and if it is we have a fix for it.  Please open a support case so we can take a look:

Current support maintenance for ShadowProtect is required.


Shadow Control


My clients shadow control support has expired and they are currently in the process at looking to renew it but i would like to get a fix in place sooner rather than later.

Is there a fix that you are able to advise over the forum?

Thank you


shadowcontrol update causes it


It looks like it is an update that has been pushed out in the last few days.

I have reinstall SC and restored from backup and it all works fine everything reports ok.

Then i get a notification to reboot the appliance to finish server system update. The version number doesnt change and stays at v4.0.1.7 but once ive rebooted the appliance stops reporting up to date information. Are you able to advise a fix or is this a known issue with the new update this year?

Looking further in to it it looks like an OS server update issue for the linux backend, not storage craft shadow control issue. Do you know a way to stop SC from applying the OS linux updates?

Thank you


Following this as I am having

Following this as I am having the exact same issue.


same issues

We had the same issues, when upgrading the appliance from 3.x to the new 4.x using the new ISO.

All endpoint for some reason stopped updating, all our configs remained the same, we could telnet to 5556  from  the clients to  the endpoint.  We tried making new appliancees and restoring from config file.  Same results.

In the end, we ended up making a completely new VM and installing a fresh appliance, making new tokens, resubbing over 100+ endpoints.  There are still some issues with the 4.x appliance as we never had any issues with 3.x appliance.  We sunk way to many hours into getting this running, Hope this can help someone...

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