Shadow Stram Replication Issue

Having an issue with the Shadow Stream Server replication job at a Clients site. They currently have 4 servers and only 1 is having the issue.

Every morning I have to log in to the site and pause and play the replication job for it to transfer the current files. IM says that it is up to date and Sent but does not send the most current files. 

Log files show no errors in IM or Shadow stream




Troubleshooting SST

Unfortunately we don't quite have enough information to address this issue within the forums. Some information that you could specify to assist us would be the following:

Image Manager version:
Shadow Stream Version:

Are files being queued? or do files get queued after pausing and restarting the replication job? In the eventvwr are there any events from our software?

Issues of this nature are better addressed with a support ticket. You can create a Support Request here:

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