Shadow Stream

We are aiming to backup to a secondary site over the web using shadow stream. But the client has many GBs of data. Obviously too much to send over the internet for an initial backup. 

Can you please give us best practice to facilitate that initial data transfer to the secondary site?




The software is flexible, but here is my recommendation

When a ShadowStream replication target is created, enabled, or initially brought online as ImageManager starts up a query is sent to the destination asking what files are already present.  For this reason the software is quite flexible with regards to when and how you copy the data offsite.  Having said this I recommend using the following steps:

  1. First, create the ShadowStream replication target and then disable it - Once the target is created the directory where the backup images will be replicated to is guarenteed to exist.
  2. Copy the contents of the folder being managed to an external drive
  3. Physically take the external drive to the secondary site and copy its contents to the directory you specified when you created the ShadowStream replication target
  4. Enable the ShadowStream replication target

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