ShadowStream server service stops responding


  We are an MSP that just started using StorageCraft products again for our backup solution to our clients. We have setup one client and all appears to be working, but what seems like every day, the ShadowStream service on our remote server stops responding and requires a service restart. The local server that is sending the queued files is getting an error saying the server is not responding. I can connect to the Admin console on the remote server, but thats it. 

I attached some of the errors the local client. I looked at the Errors from the ShadowStream server, but the messages are the same even after the service restart. Once the service is restarted, i can goto imagemanager on the local, pause and resume the replication job and they immediatley connect back and start sending.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You,


shadowstreamerrors.txt2.55 KB



Looking at the portion of the

Looking at the portion of the logs that you included, it seems that there may be some sort of connection or credentials issue to the ShadowStream server.  


29-Apr-2013 10:47:26 SendFileConnection: error = LogonUser failed29-Apr-2013 10:47:26 Send error: LogonUser failed
29-Apr-2013 10:48:14 Failed to login: Error: No Error (The server may not be responding.)
29-Apr-2013 10:52:49 Failed to open a Shadow Stream connection: Connect timed out
29-Apr-2013 10:52:49 GetFilesConnection: error = Unable to connect to the Shadow Stream Server

Can you please verify that the following ports are open to the both sides and that you are using the correct credentials when accessing the shares:

4363 - Data connection control port
4364 - Admin connection port
4365 - Data transfer port
54363 to 55263 - Used for parallel connections





I verified the ports are

I verified the ports are open, we have it set for TCP on all, is that correct?

It works fine for ahwile, when it stops working, restarting the service fixes the problem.


We have seen this issue

We have seen this issue before but in order to make sure we are being thorough and accurate, I would recommend that we open a case so we can gather some additional information and get a more in-depth look at what is going on.

Thank you.


Hi, We have the exact same


We have the exact same issue, did you find a way to fix it ?



We have found that the

We have found that the previous release of ShadowStream, version 5.0.5, is working as expected even while using ImageManager 6.0.1.  Go ahead and revert back to 5.0.5 and see if the behavior persists.

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