Slow Shadowstream Transfer


I am utilizing Shadowstream Server and Imagemanager Shadowstream Replication, however I am getting a Maximum transfer of about 8Mbps. Yes Mbps, not MBps. I have a 200Mbps Link each way and utilizing other UDP Transfer softwares I have been able to max this out.

There is an average of about 54ms Latency between the sites.
I've created the Firewall Rules to allow connections from the Client to the Server over UDP 4366.
And the transfers are working, just very slowly.

The Local Disk and Remote Disk are not maxed out at all.
Local and Remote both have plenty of local resources free and the network has basically nothing on it apart from this transfer.

Yet still all I can get is about 8Mbps.
Read up on:
Performing the Tuning didn't appear to do much for the speeds. I suppose because the Network and Memory are already maximized anyway.

Anyway had similar issues?
I tried a iFTP Replication Job and actually managed to get around the same.
So has anyone really noticed an increase with shadowstream?
Was anything required to be able to make it faster?





ShadowStream is designed for high latency networks and gets past some of the transfer problems FTP sees with those speeds by sending multiple streams of data at a time. The speed is determined by what we are presented by the machine. 

Is there a throttle set in ImageManager

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