Cobian Backup is a well-known application for storing folders and files of user data in industry-standard .zip archives. I am not aware of a formal relationship between StorageCraft and Cobian Backup. Nevertheless, when I use Cobian Backup the root folder inside the resulting zip archive is called STC_SnapShot_Volume_22_2. Why is this?



This is just an guess, but it

This is just an guess, but it is possible that they have coded their backup application incorrectly. Instead of specifically selecting the Microsoft VSS provider they are probably just selecting the first one in the list. If you have ShadowProtect installed on your machine, the first VSS Provider will be the one from StorageCraft. They probably want to update their code and explcitily use the Microsoft one.


I do have ShadowProtect

I do have ShadowProtect installed on the machine, and your explanation makes good sense. Thank you.

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