Subscription error

I have one server that I cannot get to subscribe to the appliance. Now on the other 116 installs and subscriptions several severs gave me the same error

Blah blah blah failed: (operational error) database is locked.  But I could always end up getting them to connect. Can anyone explain to me what database this is refering too? I even subscribed antoher server at the same time no issues on the other one.

I did go through the process of updating this clients exchange server and getting a fresh reboot with a fresh install, that seemed to be the trick for the other problemed servers.





Database is locked

This is actually referring to the local database - that is the database on the local machine where the data is staged before it is sent to the appliance.  Sometimes ShadowProtect or ImageManager can take a long time to reply to ShadowControl (or there is lots of information it is sending to ShadowControl) and while this communication is going on the local database is locked.  So when you try to subscribe and add the subscription information to the local database it gives you an error indicating that it can't do it because the database is locked.


Were you able to get this endpoint subscribed?


No subscribing yet, they

No subscribing yet, they technically are subscribed they just wont show on the appliance. Yes they I have about 5 targets that will not show in the appliance. According to the tech team everyone is waiting on the dev team to resolve.

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