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Hello all,

The shadow protect manual recommends a system state backup for SBS on a weekly backup. Is this really necessary since system state will be backed up in the image? Also...does anyone have good command line code to do a system state backup using NT Backup on a SBS2003 server?


John Newcomb



Re: System State Backup

You're right.  Some day we should probably go back and rewrite the manual.  Every single backup of your OS volume (be it a base/full image, or an incremental), will capture the entire system state (the entire volume's state, in fact).


Re: System State Backup

Please go to and search for Disk Clean and System State Backup Scripts. the last line of the script does a backup of System State.

Even on an SBS server it is recomended to backup System State to the local machine.

SP will backup the entire server but what happens if some nutter deletes from AD the "My Busines" OU - do you want to restore the entire server or just reboot and go to F8 - AD restore mode and perform an Authoritive Restore of this OU and then reboot - 15 minutes compaired to ??

Hope this helps 


Re: System State Backup

SC really needs  to place some priority on upgrading the documentation.

Currently there is a lot of bad information floating around in forums, blogs and mailing lists about ShadowProtect and Image Manager.

 Having to work out how to configure the software through trial and error is really not a great use of a technician's valuable time.


David Benet
SMB Technology Pty Ltd
Melbourne, Australia


Re: System State Backup

I would like to know if the system states are still recommended for 2008 installations. Especially SBS or domain controllers with FMSO roles.


Re: System State Backup

The problem described above by Jack would still exist with a 2008 Server, particularly SBS and DC`s, so yes, it would still be a recommendation as far as I can tell.

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