Unable to Connect to ShadowStream Server


I've been running into some issues with ShadowStream on a couple different sites, but I will narrow it down to one to simplify everything.

Not too long ago, I had ImageManager v7.02 setup and running without issue for 4 different devices. All being replicated through Legacy ShadowStream. (New ShadowStream server is a work in progress) Originally, everything was running fine. I was getting backups and backups were being replicated to an off-site location.

Since I implemented a new ShadowControl (v3.8) appliance, some sites have stopped replication. Sometimes they say that the retention job has failed so I would remove the replication job and wait for the retention to complete before re-adding. Now, when I try to re-add the replication job, I receive an error message pop-up saying "Unable to connect to ShadowStream Server." 

If I try to recreate the location, I also get the same error.

I'm not too sure where to go with this since some sites are working just fine and others are having this issue. With this particular site, I just configured their backups in the past month and had no problems until now. Is there a place where I can gather more information? Any help would be much appreciated.



That definitely sounds like

That definitely sounds like there are some network issues between your sites. I would make sure your ShadowStream servers are on the latest version for Legacy first off, have there been any networking changes between those sites?


I would open a ticket with support as this is a little beyond the scope of the forums to support as this might take some digging.



We are at for the Legacy ShadowStream. If there is a newer version, where can I find that? Doesn't look like it's on the downloads page. I'll submit a ticket as well. Thanks for the info!

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