Updating SPX Policy on server changes

Curious if there is a way to update a SPX policy job when a new drive is added to a server.  Only thing I'm seeing is to delete the job and  and reapply the policy and start a fresh chain.  Seems alittle excessive.  Any ideas?



Just to confim we're on the

Just to confirm we're on the same page terminology-wise, you're talking about the SPX policy through ShadowControl, correct?

If you have your SPX policy "protection scheme" set to All Volumes, the new volume should be included in the next backup job. 


Yes i'm using ShadowControl

Yes i'm using ShadowControl SPX policy and its set to all volumes and it is not capturing the new one.  It shows its unprotected.


If you check the job itself

If you check the job itself from inside SPX locally on the server, does it show unprotected there as well? I know SPX policies at one point would automatically include all new volumes in a backup job every time it ran. It's a blessing and a curse at the same time.

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