Virtualboot stuck at windows 10 logo

I recently updated my computer to windows 10. I created a new base file with SPX after the upgrade. When I try to virtual boot using this file, it gets stuck at the windows logo for hours. There is no processing or any kind of progress. I have tried to remove and reinstall SPX and upgraded to the latest version. I have tried to recreate the back up files. I have also tried to virtual boot images from this computer on two separate computers, but same result. Can someone help with what might be wrong. Thanks




What are you using to

What are you using to virtualboot? How much RAM ar eyou giving it? How much disk space is available compared to the source image?


I figured it out after some

I figured it out after some experimentation. I upgraded to the new version of SPX and imagemanager and virtualbox 5.1.10. It seems to be working now. Thanks for the reply.


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