want differentials in addition to continuous incrementals in SPX

I tried out SPX a while ago and decided it did not seem satisfactory for my use. If I remember correctly, I believe that the main problem I had with SPX was that it did not seem to support my backup strategy,  My main backups are done as continuous incrementals, but I like to be able to keep a completely independent chain on another disk that I occasionally update with a differential backup.  It seemed that SPX did not support this (is that correct?), and I cannot think of a good work around. 

 I'm wondering if that has changed in newer versions of SPX, or if there are plans to make that change.

 I am a home user and am considering buying more licenses for ShadowProtect desktop (not SPX) to use on additional computers (though the licenses are a bit expensive for me), However, I understood a sales representative to say  that StorageCraft would probably not continue to  update the non-SPX version of ShadowProtect desttop after about a year  (??), and that support for it might end within perhaps 3 years (????).  This worries me.  Is that the case?




One easy option would be to create a new backup job on the same volumes to your second destination. The new backup schedule should run independently of the first. I would suggest you stagger the backup times for the full backup and maybe also check the schedule of the incrementals/differentials so that they are not started (and possibly also running) at the same time as this may cause a conflict with the VSS writers.

nick l

Am I mistaken?

Thank you for your reply.  I do not believe that this solves the problem to which I am alluding, but perhaps I am mistaken.  Unfortunately, my trial of SPX was quite a while ago.  My understanding is that in StorageCraft's terminology, incremental backups use sector tracking, and one can only have one such job in the schedule at a time.  For the second job, in my understanding, one needs to run a differential backup that compares the previous backup with the current contents of the disk.  It is the latter that I'm worried is not available in SPX.  My impression is that without that capability, I cannot use the strategy that you suggest.  Please let me know if I am mistaken.

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