WIndows 10 and newest ShadowProtect: access to user file denied

I am frustrated.  This is the simplest thing one can do .. browse a backup created on another windows 10 system with SP.  But I am gettingd the "You have been denied permission to access this folder" as soon as I try and get to my user data.  There is a long Greek to me post that talks about turning off mount as read only .. well I did that and still get the failure as soon as I try and go to the user data.  That 2015 post is probably not for windows 10.

anyone on windows 10 had success just browsing another windows 10 backup?  Any simple solution?  I am not a security/permissions expert so walk me though the steps as you would a child.  (But I know a lot about networks).





PS -- Is there a phone number and/or someone to talk to at StorageCraft?  Or good youtube tutorial?



There may be multiple

There may be multiple requirements to get you access to the locked folders in your image, but there are some things to keep in mind.

  1. This issue is only happening because you are mounting the image files from a different user account configuration with a different security ID.
    1. Your personal files are protected in your Windows user account because locks the permission of those folders to your security ID.
    2. There are certain factors that can make this lock harder to get through than normal.
    3. If you mount the image from the exact same windows installation/user account, then you don't encounter any kind of issue like this because you are using the same user security ID that your personal folders are locked to.
    4. This is all Windows Operating System behaviors, not ShadowProtect.

If you mount the image and you cannot browse to your personal folders, you'll need to do all of the following things until you get access to your files.

  1. You must be logged into your computer as a Computer/Local Administrator account.
  2. The ShadowProtect Image must be mounted as Writable (Uncheck the read-only option, or check the Writable option, depending on what version of ShadowProtect and what interface you are using)
  3. When you browse to your personal folder, and Windows says that it needs your permissions to continue to get access to the folder, you must click continue.
  4. Then you must wait for Windows to stop processing that folder.  If Windows is still thinking about it, you need to leave it alone to process the folder and it may take a long time to change the permission settings on all of the files and folders contained in your user profile folder.  Depending on your system speed this can take an hour or more sometimes.  This is also why it's a good idea to save the incremental changes, then you can mount that incremental change image and you don't have to go through the permission adjustments again.
  5. If you have replaced your machine, and you want everything how it was before, it might be faster to just restore your C drive image to the new machine using the recovery environment.


Now if Windows goes through the permission adjustment for a long time, and then you are still encountering any access denied errors afterward, then you'll need to run through the steps from our KB or from Microsoft's writeup to claim ownership of the folders to your current user security ID.

If you still have issues, you may be encountering an issue caused by different kind of encryption program or method (possibly even a virus), so if you had any other file protection/encryption programs installed, you may need to look to their support.

If you need further one-on-one technical assistance, please submit a support case.

Good luck!

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