Windows 10 goes to sleep in middle of SPX backup

I recently upgraded from SPD5 to SPX.  I have WIndows 10 1703 and have my system set to sleep after 1 hour.

Full backups of my data typically take around 4 hours.  I have my computer set to wake from sleep in the middle of the night to perform a backup so it's finished by morning.  With SPD5, once awake, Windows wouldn't re-enter sleep mode while a backup was running.  With SPX however, Windows sleeps after an hour even if a backup is running.  When I wake my computer from sleep in the morning, the backup continues, but I'd rather it finish during the night.

I considered running a process as a "start job script" that would keep my computer from sleeping and kill it during the "finish job script" but I'm kinda surprised at this change in behavior from SPD5 to SPX.  I didn't see an option anywhere that I could set.

With a SPX backup running, "powercfg -requests" confirms that nothing is keeping the system from entering sleep.

Have others noticed this?


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