ShadowProtect Server

Backup Replication to Tapes


It will be good to have the ability to replicate backup images to tapes. Some business requires this for long term storage purposes.

HIR Authentication Code


Hello Support,


I am doing a SP restore test for a client and I am in need of HIR authentication code: Please help.



Per partition incremental/full backup selection


The problem:

Server 2008/2012 create up to three system partitions besides the C: drive for booting, rescue and the like. (three on hyper-V version 2 guests and UEFI servers).

These partitions cannt be backuped incremental by design. This forces us to create TWO jobs which have to be planned not to interfere, very kludgy.

See StorageCraft Case IRE-02902-Q9D7

Solution part one: An option "if incremental is not possuble do full backup" for the whole backup job, OR better: Per partition.

SMTP logging for the daily/weekla mail log - URGENTLY NEEDED


we NEEED and SMTP logging feature in the mail configuration dialogue.

See: StorageCraft Case IRE-02770-G0Q1 ire:0031000000035


The Situation: Several virtual servers are configured to send a daily report mail. Tro problem: Only about 60% of those emails arrive where they should, with no pattern which will fail or not.

But those "daily report" don't appear in any storagecraft log, while the normal "send mail after job" appear with "has been sent".

Apple iMac support


As a Reseller/Support service mainly covering Small Business, the rise (and rise) of the Apple platform has seen a lot of mixed platform environments. Time Machine, while adequate, is still not far removed from Windows Backup - so third party tools are mandatory for any "real" BC/DR palnning. SC does it so well for the Win environment, it makes logical sense to extend the functionality to the Apple environment. I realise BYOD adds complexity, but the demand is there and SC risks losing market share, as Support entities move to cross platform solutions rather than a mix of apps.

MSP Key Management


I would like to be able to remove license keys from my view within the MSP portal.  When we switch servers and disable a key it remains forever I would like to be able to remove those from view without having to move them to an unused folder.    


Also would it be to much to ask for a Feature request Product called MSP portal or similar :)

Override base image filename on new job creation


Occassionally we must delete a backup job and recreate it to make changes (i.e. change split size).  When this happens ShadowProtect wants to start numbering the full backup over from b001.  I would like to be able to specify the base filename (defaulting to b001 is just fine) so that I can control this behavior.  It is irratating to have a chain of backups that are at say b007 and then they start over again at b001.  System works, but the filenaming sequence gets messed up making it more difficult to determine which is the most recent backup chain.


Schedule a new job for tonight then continue as planned...



While creating a new job today, I notice that I can set up a schedule, and then at the very end I have an "execute now" option. Please consider this: I just set up a continuous incremental job that will run every hour. As a new job, it's first task will be to do a FULL backup. But it is mid-day, and I don't want this to start until tonight. So can you add to the "execute now"  to also have a  "wait until (this date/time)..." option?


ShadowProtect Install option


Would like to have the NOREBOOT ability option during the install. We use a service portal to schedule these installs and we can schedule the reboots to take place after hours. Having this option will allow us to install without a production reboot and without having to remote into the node to do this manually. 

Shadowprotect - explore backup wizard default path


When using the Explore Backup Wizard to search for an image to mount - it requires us to always browse and look for the shadowprotect files.  Why not populate the initial default path with where the backups are being saved to?  Since this is what the full Restore wizard already does.  This is also what some other competitor products do too.  

Or at least allow a default backup path/s to be set which would be shown when running the Explore Backup Wizard.  It would save us time from hunting around to mount an image.

Thank you

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