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ShadowProtect Verify Image errors


I wanted to run a Verify Image job on a backup image chain that has 205 incrementals.  I created and ran the job and the Task staus: failed.  Now I can't seem to find any way to actually see which incremental/full image it errored on.  Clicking View Details displays a pop-up that lists all the images, but there doesn't seem to be any indication as to which one errored.  I do see a magnifying glass next to i048, but when I click on that one everything is fine.

Deactivation button for MSP version of ShadowProtect


The retail version has a deactivation button that makes it drop-dead simple to move or deactivate a license when required.  The process of deactivating a license for the MSP version is a multi-step process that even when I do it, sometimes just refuses to work for me.  I find I'm paying for licenses that I "thought" I had deactivated but are still activated.  I don't see why both versions can't have a simple deactivate button.

Thanks in advance,

Larry Bates

vitalEsafe, Inc.

Add-Unlock Proxy settings Standard Shadowprotect


I see locking of proxy settings options as pointless when going from MSP version to the standard pro version. Why in the world would you cut this option out as this is something that shouldnt need to be paid for on a monthyl basis?!! Any orginization can have a proxy and in this case ours does. We've spent thousands of dollars on this software and yet it is defeated by a simple missing proxy setting when it comes to activate, deactivate etc... of a license. What in the world? Why is this even a problem when even free apps have proxy settings.

Modify computer role after set-up


Currently, if you don't fill out the Computer Role (which is optional) when activating the software, there is no way to modify it afterward. The text boxs remains active if you re-visit the activation screen, however, it does not accept any new input. 

It would be nice to be able to change that field either in the MSP Manager Portal or the actual software activation screen. The current process of having to de-activate the license, then pushing to get it removed from the billing cycle, then creating a new one is just ridiculous. 


ability to create separate folder for each weekly or monthly image set


most of users might experience difficulties to examine weekly(or monthly) image sets in large quantities in windows explorer.  So mentioned feature will ease to view image files. 

Emails sent by ShadowProtect are not RFC2821 compliant and trigger spamhaus additions


Whenever storagemanager sends an email, it provides the EHLO string to the mail server as just the name of the server, ie cpdb0. Unfortunately this is against RFC2821 which requires machines to claim fqdns.
As the mail information is not provided correctly, mail being sent from the various Shadowprotect installs behind the one NAT router are reporting different names.
Unfortunately this is triggering spamhaus to add the ip addresss of our clients servers/routers to their blacklist and then the client cannot receive email.

Is there anyway to get ShadowProtect to send a fqdn?

ShadowProtect - Backup Scheduling Options



We have over a hundred servers using ShadowProtect and expect to have more added soon and discovered some oddities with the backup scheduling that is a little concerning. 

It seems that when using a Continuous incremental on all of these servers and on some servers would like to schedule the incremental to run at a particular time. In most cases the interval lets us hit that time by manipulating the start time and interval however we recently discovered that the stop time (for large intervals) is effectively useless.

Daily and Weekly notifications



When configured, the daily notification i receive lists all the backups that occured throughout the day, be it continuous incremental backups, or a full backup. The weekly notification however lists a simple table showing the amount of executed, successful, completed, failed backups etc. When the weekly notification is sent, it suppresses the daily notification from being sent.


Is it possible to give an option to have the daily notification also sent at the same time the weekly notification is created?


Export Nodes from v4 to v5


Hi, currently, if one tries to export your monitored nodes from v4.2 ShadowProtect to v5.2, the result is a corrupted import giving allsorts of incorrect node details.

When will this work?

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