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Export Nodes from v4 to v5


Hi, currently, if one tries to export your monitored nodes from v4.2 ShadowProtect to v5.2, the result is a corrupted import giving allsorts of incorrect node details.

When will this work?

Add IP Address to the Push Installer selection screen


I manage a small number of remote sites over our MPLS network and while the screen does show me the computer's names and which version is currently installed, but it doesn't show me any group information from AD or the IP address which would show me the physical location where that computer is by subnet.  For most of the locations, I can freely install and upgrade the software without many problems, but there is one I can opnly do after hours as such a software update shuts down that WAN link until it is completed.

VirtualBoot for Hyper-V


I think many of us could benefit greatly by having virtual boot functionality for Hyper-V. With all due respect for VitrualBox every one of my MSP customers has one or more Hyper-V servers hosting multiple VMs. Under current product limitations we cannot virtual boot a backup of any of those servers without first booting the host up with Hyper-V disabled (a totally unrealistic option in any production envrionment).

Add "Customer Feedback" link to sidebar in mgmt console


Customer feedback is an important part of any product life cycle. Having a convenient link which the customer can click on to immediately send feedback about our product back to StorageCraft is a simple way for us to collect/document/filter this information into the development cycle.

ShadowProtect Backup Job PAUSE (as opposed to disable) feature request


Often when working on a ShadowProtect backup job or backup device issue it is preferred to disable the backup job(s).  If the service or repair is lengthy or involved it is all too easy to forget to enable the job once completed.  If Image Manager Email notification is not configured to warn that no new images have been created the still disabled backup job can result in a serious or costly issue for the client.

Add "Activation" link to sidebar in mgmt console for expired servers


It would be nice to have a link that takes you directly to the activation form, when a server is expired; instead of having it hidden in the Help menu.

Help > Check For Latest Version


When I use the link in the ShadowProtect, I get a message saying "This version is not up to date". The only option is to press <OK>. This is very unhelpful, and I would expect at least a link to the download page, etc.

Please update your software to do at least this?

Kind reagrds,

Gordon Dias

fortnightly backups


Currently ShadowProtect 4 does not offer any means to schedule a fortnightly (or skip n weeks) backup. I believe the software would be more complete when this feature was added to the job backup wizard.

My main reason for adding this feature is to make use of the weekend period for doing large backups and be able to alternate backups to two NAS devices, once a fortnight I would do a full backup to NAS1 and have incrementals going for two weeks, on NAS2 box I would only do a full backup every other week.

ShadowProtect - Alert on change to backup selections


It would be great if ShadowProtect could alert when there is a change to the backup selections. This could just come through in the nightly backup report, with a warning to show that the selections are different to the previous backup instance. The Symantec backup solution does just this and it has been a life saver on a few occasions - where a customer or another technician has changed backup selections incorrectly.

Alerting of such a change protects the MSP provider, as well as the customer themselves - ensuring their backups are correct and successful.

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