ShadowProtect Server

MSP License Search


You MUST have a search in the MSP License portal for the computer name and a way to search by the key as well.


Once you have more than 80 license, it becomes unmanagable without a search.

Add Reporting to Storage Craft Cloud Portal


It would be nice to be able to have some reports for all of our clients using Storage Craft Cloud.  I would like to be able to list all of them and the Servers being backed up.  It would be nice to be able to see the status for all the servers for all the clients on one page.

Display Agent Versions In Management View of Management Console


We are in the process of upgrading a group of servers that have 4.1.5 and 4.2.7 agents installed.  From the Management Console on our BDR (where we push agent installs from and run ImageManager for Continuous Incrementals), there is no handy way to tell which devices have been upgraded and which have not.  We should (ideally) be able to view agent versions, sort on that field/column, and work the upgrades without needing to check individual servers to find out what component is installed on a managed node. 

Lights out restore


It would be nice to have the option to have a boot order option when starting up a server or PC in case of not having a CD or thumb drive available.

Image manager set chain verification start date time



The random nature of Image manager full chain verification is causing major headachs. I've had to up my Prozac consumption to beyound the RDI.

Shadow protect incremental imaging 07:00 to 19:00 Monday - Friday

Image manager start consolidation and FTP processing 21:00 Monday - Friday

Image manager expected to do CD compression by 01:00 next day

Intelegent FTP to off site provider 01:00 - 07:00. 


Post-backup script needs RunAs capability


If I understand correctly since ShadowProtect runs under the SYSTEM account, the Pre-Snapshot, Post-Snapshot, and Post-Backup scripts also run under the SYSTEM account.  Since the SYSTEM account lacks networking capability, I see the following problem on systems where I backup to a NAS server (my backup destination of choice).  Backups go to the NAS, but my post-backup script can't reference the backup files because there is no way to access a network drive or UNC path.

Directory tree showing date in time of backups of individual files


I think it would be great if you could see how many backups of a file are available and at what times without having to first mount and image and look for the file.  I give an example of why in this forum


Full image set retention with SHadow Protect in conjunction with Image Manager


Image manager image consolidation features work well when using Shadow Protect with monthly full images.

SHadow Protect image retention works well when not using image manager consolidation. 

I would like to see these features become non-mutually exclusive. I.e. shadow protect image retention options should continue to take effect when used in conjunction with Image Manager consolidation features with backup sets that aren't using continuous incremental format.

Network bandwidth control while making backup


It wolud be great if ShadowProtect had an option similar to ImageManager which allows to set the bandwidth SP can use while making backup to a network destination. When you have a lot of computers that need to be backed up in similar time, especially, when making a full backup, it wolud help unload the network.

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