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Product Maintenance Renewal Reminders


Please add ‘maintenance renewal reminders’ to the software.

 Pop ups or messages as reminders to renew the software at:

 60 days

30 days

5 days

 Support can only provide support if they have maintenance. 

 Partners do not know their software has expired and they need support but it could take ‘days’ to get it renewed – so it would be better to have reminders in software.

Explain difference between RC4 128-bit, AES 128-bit & AES 256-bit


Hello Support Team,

Can anyone please explain what are the difference beween the encrytion types  RC4 128-bit, AES 128-bit & AES 256-bit.

I want to secure my backups. Which is the best type you recommended. 

Image Manager Memory usage causes server lock up - restrict the amount of memory it uses when verifying base files


We have image manager installed on a wide variety of clients, and some of them are not large enough to purchase dedicated computers just to run image manager, so they request that it be installed on their SBS server, afterall they are an expensive machine with 32gb of RAM.

File Browser - SPExplorer - after creating new folder, it does not show up on left side and refresh does not make it appear


You have to close the file browser and reopen it to it.  Same applies after connecting a network drive.  Also, double clicking on the new folder on the right side does not open it and you cannot see it on the left, so you have to reopen the file browser to display the folder contects after putting something in it.

Cloud based service - DNS / CAS-65619-V1L4


Following up on my discussion, it would be very useful for the cloud VPN to allow a cloud server to be specified as the DNS server.   My users are very familiar with working with VPNs and as part of their DR plan will use this solution. However it provides Google DNS servers which don't help me resolve the local server. We follow best practices and map via UNC with DNS names.     A local terminal server isn't an option as they are VPN Savvy.   How can we make this happen.

Email Notification Custom Subject Suffix Variables


Would like to have some variables for the emails, i.e. for subject add success or failure like %STATUS% to the line.  Other stats.  In the body, be able to include the summary and all of the details, if desired.  %SUMMARY%, %DETAILS%, %ERRORS%, etc.

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