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ShadowProtect Console will not connect to remote server


This issue can happen due to misconfigured DCOM settings which Shadow Protect uses to communicate between client and server.


Configure the remote permissions to the “ShadowStor” DCOM component on the client machine using the following steps: 

  1. Open up component services.
    NOTE: This Control Panel can be found under the Administrative Tools.
  2. Expand out component services until you see the DCOM Config section.
Fig 1.  - DCOM Config under Component Services.
  1. Scroll Down through the DCOM config and highlight the “ShadowStor” component as follows, then right click on it and select properties.


Fig 2.  - ShadowStor Properties.

  1. Next step is to customize the “Access Permissions” .  Make sure the account you are using in the console has both Local and Remote Access on this machine.  This can be done either through directly adding the user or making sure they are in a group which has these permissions (Such as the Administrators Group).
Fig 3 & 4  -ShadowStor Properties and Access Permissions.
  1. Lastly, change the Configuration Permissions as mentioned in Step 4.  This is optional but recommended to ensure that users can not change configurations. 


Fig 3 & 5  -ShadowStor Properties and Configuration Permissions.
Your console will now access and communicate with the remote agents allowing for schedules to be set.

Technical Information:

This applies to Windows 2000 SP3 and above.



Microsoft KB Article regarding "Access Denied"

*** This is a Microsoft Support Article and is not directly supported by StorageCraft ***



Another Tutorial site for DCOM Configuration

*** This is not a StorageCraft supported link. It's only to help you troubleshoot DCOM configuration issues ***




Disable Simple File Sharing

If you are trying to manage a machine running Windows XP and you are getting an "Access is denied" message then one thing you will want to ensure is that the "Windows Simple File Sharing" is disabled.  This will block our remote management calls.  In most cases you'll only see this issue if the machine is not part of a domain.


There are times where your

There are times where your machine is not part of a domain and you would like to use a separate account other than the local administrator account for the DCOM authentication for remote management of ShadowProtect.  If the new local admin account (separate from the default) shows an "Access Denied" then you can try adding a REG_DWORD key into the Windows Registry to see if that gets around the issue.  See the forum post below for more info:

Forum Post: http://www.storagecraft.com/support/forum/connection-dcomfirewalletc-problems#comment-26448

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