How To: Upgrade to ShadowControl Appliance version 4.0

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This article contains details and instructions about upgrading the ShadowControl appliance to version 4.0 from previous versions.


ShadowControl appliance versions 3.8.x and earlier were built on the Ubuntu 12 operating system.  ShadowControl 4.0 is built on the Ubuntu 16 operating system.  Due to this major operating system environment change, a fresh build of the appliance is required.

  1. Backup the database from your existing appliance.
    1. Make sure you have the database encryption password documented, or change it and document it, then download the database backup to a local machine.
  2. If you need to continue monitoring endpoints running Windows XP / Server 2003 legacy operating systems, then you may want to leave the ShadowControl appliance version active for those old systems, and build a new VM for the new version.
    1. If the majority of the endpoints are newer operating systems, then clone or create a legacy 3.8 appliance and change its IP address.  You will need to unsubscribe/resubscribe machines to the different appliances as needed, because the endpoint can only be subscribed to 1 appliance.
  3. Attach the ShadowControl 4.0 ISO to the VM, and complete the installation process.
  4. After the install completes and you access the ShadowControl appliance URL in the browser, you will be directed to the Initial Appliance Setup page.  Select the option to Restore this appliance from a ShadowControl database backup file.


Additional Resources:

Junior Silva from the StorageCraft Product Management team has prepared this quick, informative orientation video on things to know about migrating to the new version.  (Duration 2:17)

New ShadowControl 4.0 Feature overview preview presented by ShadowControl Senior QA Engineer Jason Canada.

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