Adding Firewall, Antivirus, and Internet Options Exceptions for StorageCraft File Backup and Recovery

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The following is an instructional article for adding exceptions for the software. You may need to add these exceptions if any of the following conditions occur:

  • A system has never backed up with a recently-created license and backup rules
  • The Backup Configuration has never been downloaded or fails to download
  • Backups have begun to fail and other issues have been ruled out
  • "Configuration Refresh Failed" warnings or errors in the StorageCraft File Based Backup Event Log



Executable Exceptions for Antivirus or Firewall applications

StorageCraft File Backup and Recovery has multiple executables that are used. They can be found in the installation directory at C:\Program Files\StorageCraft\File Backup and Recovery\2.3.X.XXXXX\. Add an exception to Antivirus Programs and Firewalls for the following:

  • ArchiveService.exe
  • BackupServiceFormView.exe
  • Configure.exe
  • PostInstaller.exe
  • Scan.exe

In addition to making exceptions for the above files, certain Anti Virus programs have real time protection utilities that are enabled. These features can block our software from properly communicating with the servers. If necessary, add in additional exceptions to the real-time protection portion of the antivirus software as well.

Internet Options Exceptions

Ensure that the following websites are allowed under Internet Options > Security Tab > Trusted Sites.

Also check that the following are allowed or enabled within the Internet Security Zone:

  • Allow Scriptlets
  • File Download
  • Enable .NET Framework setup
  • Active scripting
  • Allow status bar updates via script
  • Scripting of Java applets

If all Exceptions have been added and you still experience issues, please gather the logs from the affected system and open a support case.

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