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How To: Manually Uninstall ShadowProtect SPX from Windows systems

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This document is based on the assumption that your ShadowProtect SPX application folder still exists.  If you are having trouble either installing or uninstalling the ShadowProtect SPX application, or have questions regarding this process, please open a support ticket with us so we can assist with the process.

Receive "Error Code: 2 (0x00000002)" When Mounting an ShadowProtect Backup Image

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When trying to mount a ShadowProtect backup image within Windows you receive the following error:

"The operation did not complete successfully. Error Code: 2 (0x00000002) Error description: The system cannot find the file specified"


Mount tools are not installed, or have become corrupt.  

Backups Fail stating The Source Volume is Corrupt and Needs to be Repaired with CHKDSK

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ShadowProtect backups start to fail and list the following errors in the backup logs:

service 101 Cannot execute job (Unspecified error 0x80004005(2147500037))
service 504 The source volume is corrupt. Schedule-triggered (but not manually-triggered) backups will fail until the volume is repaired with CHKDSK.

Landing Page: DCOM and Communication Errors

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There are many situations in customer networks where environmental settings can interfere with the Management Console's ability to communicate with other ShadowProtect Agents. However, we have found that in many situations, the solution can be found in one of these Knowledgebase Articles.

VSS Errors 12293 and 12298: What does it all mean?

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This article was created to understand the VSS errors 12293 and 12298 and how they may play a role in VSS failures during StorageCraft ShadowProtect backups.

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