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StorageCraft File Backup and Recovery with Backup Analyzer

Protect Business-Critical Data

This online backup and recovery solution includes a powerful data analyzer that identifies and protects only the data that's important to the business.

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All Data Is Not Equal

Much of the data that people at companies produce is not business-critical. Duplicate files, folders for apps no longer in use, music downloads, and family photos don’t need to be protected on the company’s dime. But backup and recovery options—whether image-based or file-and-folder—don’t differentiate between valuable data and irrelevant, unnecessary data.

Except for StorageCraft® File Backup and Recovery with Backup Analyzer.

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Intelligent, Automated Data Protection

Rather than backing up all the data on the laptops and desktops in an organization, this online backup solution protects only the data that’s important.

This solution accomplishes this with its web-based data analyzer. This data analyzer, called the StorageCraft Backup Analyzer, features built-in intelligence that identifies what data on a given computer should be backed up and what should be excluded.

Smart Data Analysis

Gain intelligence around the data the business is saving, and identify the data that should be backed up. Don't waste backup storage on obsolete spreadsheets, 20 copies of the same document, or employees’ pet photos.

Automated, Cloud-Based Backups

Back up business data for employees who travel, work remotely, or sometimes neglect to connect to the office server. Do so even if files are in use or locked by the user, thus protecting often-used and edited data.

Remote Management and Monitoring

Easily manage a file backup solution for an organization or multiple organizations. License, install, configure, and monitor all customer backup accounts from one web-based dashboard.

Fast Recovery from the Cloud

Empower end users to easily find and download their lost files and folders as needed from the cloud. Enable them to do so via the familiar Windows interface.

Features of Intelligent File Backup

Use the StorageCraft Backup Analyzer to automatically identify what data to protect and what to exclude, all without interrupting users or needing their computers to be on.


Rest assured that data is safe and accessible—data is transmitted and stored in an encrypted format and resides in Tier III certified data centers.


Store a custom number of revisions of backed up files so end users can access older versions of their data (for efficient transfer, only changed data blocks are uploaded).


Be alerted if a file that is regularly edited or updated hasn’t been recently backed up.


Automate sending customizable reports to clients, and reinforce the value of the backup service you provide.


Prevent slowdowns in your clients’ day-to-day activity by throttling the bandwidth allotted to the backups.


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