Multitenancy based Backup Monitoring and Management with ShadowControl

Multitenancy based Backup Monitoring and Management with ShadowControl

June 14

ShadowControl is a central monitoring and management console included with the ShadowProtect solution. StorageCraft partners leverage Policy driven Status Rules when using ShadowControl to monitor and manage client backups. They find this is a fantastic way to automate backup monitoring of customers ShadowProtect SPX and ImageManager software.

Multitenancy based Backup Monitoring with ShadowControl

Partners can host a ShadowControl Appliance VM in their datacenter (or see links below for deploying in Public Clouds). This facilitates the monitoring. You can easily deploy a ShadowControl Endpoint agent to any machine that runs ShadowProtect or ImageManager software. The endpoint agent communicates over the internet to the appliance.

ShadowControl logo

ShadowControl complements existing Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) platforms. The system leverages IT Service Management (ITSM) Notifications – this lets you specify an email address to send specialized alert messages designed for better integration with external ticketing systems or RMM tools. So rather than picking up every potential error from event logs in your RMM tool, ShadowControl will leverage status rules to generate automatic alerts based on defined SLA.

The idea is to cut down on emails and ticketing, focusing on what really matters. The ShadowControl system saves you time and money.

As an MSP, you know it’s crucial that you can remedy any issues before they affect business operations. With complete visibility and automatic alerts from ShadowControl, you’ll gain peace of mind knowing your backup jobs are running smoothly at all times.

Benefits of StorageCraft ShadowControl

Three really great benefits of ShadowControl include:

  • Push Install – Manage machine discovery, push installation and updates (for the ShadowControl agent, SPX, and ImageManager), and activations of licenses, all through your ShadowControl appliance console.
  • Policy-based Management of Backup Jobs – For endpoints running SPX, configure many endpoints’ backup jobs at once rather than wasting time and effort configuring each separately.
  • Reporting – Schedule and receive regular status reports so you and your clients can see the state of the disaster recovery IT environment.

Learn more about StorageCraft ShadowControl: https://www.storagecraft.com/au/products/shadowcontrol