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Simplicity in Management

This cloud-based management service for OneBlox makes oversight powerful, simple, and intuitive.

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Manage from Anywhere.

With this intuitive OneSystem management service, get real-time monitoring, reporting, and visibility from any location.

OneSystem Features and Benefits

Eliminate the need for dedicated servers and software upgrades. Manage your OneBlox from any location and from any web browser with this secure cloud-based management platform. Whether you are responsible for one location or many, OneSystem empowers you to manage the entire storage infrastructure, simply and securely.


OneSystem was designed to support every OneBlox, regardless of geographic location. Securely manage multiple discrete organizations’ information. OneBlox is deployed on-premises so the information is closest to the application for performance, while OneSystem is cloud-based for scalability and for accessibility from any browser anywhere.


OneSystem continuously monitors the health and status of OneBlox so you can rest easy. OneSystem receives real-time updates about OneBlox hardware, software, and network connectivity--all the information that’s critical to supporting organizations’ data.


Get peace of mind knowing Support is watching over every OneBlox deployment. By constantly monitoring, we often identify and solve storage challenges before customers realize there’s an issue. This proactive approach means we can rapidly address any application disruptions.


The best storage management decisions are based on information. Get a global view into of your organization’s storage infrastructure, including reporting and trending of storage capacity, data reduction ratios, remote replication, and recovery point objectives.


Choose to use Private OneSystem, a hybrid solution offering OneBlox storage management deployed as a virtual machine within your data center while leveraging the same proactive cloud-based monitoring and support capabilities.


Power Meets Simplicity

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