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            Getting your business running again immediately after a disaster is the whole point.

            With the StorageCraft® Recovery Solution, you can recover your organization's systems and data no matter what happens. The secret? StorageCraft prepares you for every eventuality. Recover lost documents. Restore failed servers. Eliminate IT downtime after a fire, hurricane, or earthquake. Sleep well every night.

            File and folder recovery

            Restore documents, spreadsheets, and other individual items easily from a point-in-time backup image.

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            Microsoft Exchange Email Recovery

            Find and recover missing emails and other Exchange message items, even whole mailboxes.

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            System Recovery

            Quickly restore a failed physical or virtual system to the same or new hardware or virtual environment.

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            Pre-Staged Recovery

            Start a restore operation on a critical server before disaster hits, and reduce downtime to the length of time it takes to reboot the server.

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            Temporary System Failover

            Create a temporary virtual machine (VM) of a failed server or workstation to tide over your team until the failed system can be restored.

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            Virtual Failover

            Instantly virtualize a failed server or an entire network in our cloud, and maintain uptime during a site-wide disaster.

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            • “We work with StorageCraft and build our disaster recovery solutions with StorageCraft because we have tested every single product on the market over the years. StorageCraft still stands above the rest. It just works.”

              - Michael Fraser, CEO and Founder, VDI Space

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