StorageCraft in the home, home office, or personal workstation

Let’s face it. You may not be churning through petabytes of data or running applications worth millions of dollars, but your computer is the lifeblood of your home. Your photos, documents, financial records, and more are every bit as important to you as data is to a large corporation. So why not protect them the same way?

So what can the StorageCraft Recovery solution do for you? Let’s find out.


Back Up Your Entire Computer

By taking regular snapshots of your entire Windows-based computer, you can back up not only your data but your applications, your operating system, your settings, and more.

File Access

Get File-and-Folder Access

Easily access your individual files from any point in time without setting up any complicated file-and-folder protocols. Simply access your data from a backup image as though it were an external hard drive.


Recover from Any Disaster

Quickly and easily load your entire machine, including operating system, applications, settings, and data onto a new computer. Never fear a virus, spilled coffee, or your children again.


Schedule Your Backups

Easily manage the frequency of your backups and determine whether you want to take full snapshots every time or simply back up changes.


Manage Your Storage Space

Make the most of your storage by setting customizable retention rules for older backups. Keep old ones as archives and still have room for current data.


Take Control of Your Data

Launch any backup image as a virtual machine to safely test new software, access legacy applications, or bypass trouble on your physical machine.

What Do You Need?

StorageCraft ShadowProtect Desktop – Our award-winning backup and disaster recovery software does exactly what it says it does. It creates reliable snapshots of your entire computer, including data, applications, your operating system, and more, making it easy to recover an individual file or your whole machine every single time.