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As a managed service provider (MSP), you can use the StorageCraft Professional Services Automation (PSA) integration module to manage StorageCraft MSP client accounts from within your Autotask PSA tool. The StorageCraft PSA integration module works by mapping your StorageCraft MSP accounts to your Autotask customer accounts and synchronizing customer data.

The StorageCraft integration module allows you to:

  • Map clients’ StorageCraft MSP licenses as well as StorageCraft Cloud usage and storage space information to your Autotask customer accounts and contracts

  • Push changes from StorageCraft® Cloud Services and the StorageCraft MSP Portal to your Autotask customer accounts on a scheduled or manual basis

  • Synchronize client history in order to audit and make any needed data fixes

  • Track StorageCraft licensing and cloud usage and then automate billing from within Autotask PSA

Save your business money and time, and save your clients’ systems and data. By integrating, managed service providers (MSPs) who use the Autotask IT Business Management Solution and offer clients the StorageCraft® Recovery Solution are able to automate backup and disaster recovery services billing.

Get started with StorageCraft PSA integration

1.  Go to the StorageCraft MSP Portal and log in with your standard partner credentials.

2.  Once inside the MPS Portal, click the "Resources" button (top right corner of the screen).

3.  Select the PSA Integration Signup link, shown here.

PSA integration dashboard

4. You will be presented with a brief agreement—accept the agreement, and you will be directed to the PSA integration login page.

5. Using your same partner credentials, log into the PSA Integration module.

6. Click the Configuration link in the navigation menu, and then select Account Mappings, shown here.

The Account Mappings page enables you to create new mappings as well as fix failed mappings and delete unwanted mappings. See StorageCraft PSA Account Mappings in the user guide for detailed information on how to map your accounts.

Learn more about the PSA integration module.


PSA User Guide

MSP Portal User Guide