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StorageCraft OneXafe

Scale-out NAS Storage

StorageCraft OneXafe is a converged data platform that unifies enterprise-class data protection with scale-out storage in an easy-to-use, configurable solution.

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Unified. Flexible. Simplified.

OneXafe provides flexible deployment and protects both virtual and physical environments. By integrating data protection with scale-out storage, OneXafe eliminates management complexity while significantly reducing primary and secondary storage costs.

Enjoy the end of data management headaches and breaking IT budgets with OneXafe configured as converged secondary storage.

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Data protection is an optional feature. When it’s enabled, OneXafe is configured as converged secondary storage.

OneXafe ensures reliable recovery with automated, advanced reverification of backup images and inflight verification of data.

It instantly recovers backup images as virtual machines (VMs) in milliseconds with VirtualBoot I/O read-ahead technology.

OneXafe has the ability to recover to dissimilar hardware or virtual environments, ensuring recovery is timely while not waiting for specific resources.

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OneXafe is designed to offer scalable capacity for either primary or secondary workloads. OneXafe expands storage seamlessly—add one drive at a time, or multiple nodes within a cluster—without any configuration changes to the application.

OneXafe minimizes storage requirements with powerful data reduction technologies such as inline deduplication and compression, reducing costs of storage and operational expenses.

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OneXafe integrates with DRaaS to provide total business continuity with a complete, orchestrated virtual failover to the cloud in case of disaster when used with our Cloud Services.

OneXafe Features and Benefits


Converged data platformUnify data protection and scale-out storage for management simplicity and reduced acquisition costs
Simplified licensingReduce cost with simple site licensing model
Object-based distributed file systemScale non-disruptively with zero configuration:
  • Add capacity granularly to accommodate dynamic growth
  • Grow capacity on-demand with no upfront investments and no forklift upgrades
Inline deduplication & compressionAchieve high data reduction rates resulting in smaller storage capacity footprint, reducing overall TCO
Continuous data protectionSimple online recovery of previous versions of files from space-optimized snapshots
Encryption at restSafeguard the data
Efficient multi-site replicationImplement cost-effective DR across multiple sites with 100% data integrity
SLA-driven workflowOptimize workflow for SLA-driven data protection lifecycle:
  • Manage explosive growth in data and virtualized applications
  • Set & forget policy for protection and management
  • Global view of recovery points
  • Single view to schedule/manage local backups, onsite/offsite replication, retention schedules, and DRaaS
  • Proactive error detection and alerting
  • Single workflow to protect and manage both physical and virtual infrastructures
  • LA-oriented reporting and analytics
Reliable recovery & data integrity
  • Best-in-class certified VSS integration for app-consistent data protection
  • Automated, advanced reverification of backup images along with inflight verification ensures dependable backup images
  • Smart retries, and self-healing repairs ensures service reliability
  • Retained metadata for improved recovery experience
  • Cold-file access and recovery
  • PKI-based encrypted channel communication for ensuring data integrity
Instant recovery
  • Recover in milliseconds using VirtualBoot intelligent read-ahead technology, irrespective of the VM size
  • Recover files or folders in seconds and entire systems in minutes
  • Direct recovery to primary store means no Virtual Storage Motion and no performance impact during recovery
Flexible recoveryRecover to dissimilar hardware or virtual environments:
  • Ensures that recovery is timely & quick (v2v, p2p, v2p & p2v)
  • Utilize resources at hand. No waiting for any specific resources
  • Powerful host- and on-hand agent-based data protection, complete with physical and virtual system recovery
Integrated DRaaSEnsure total business continuity with integrated DRaaS from StorageCraft:
  • Orchestrated, one-click virtual failover
  • Self-service portal with no 3rd party intervention during recovery
  • Replication and disaster recovery as a service
  • Seed and BMR drives, and web download


OneXafe Scale-out Storage Options


OneXafe 5410 NAS image
High-performance Storage

OneXafe provides scale-out storage for high performance unstructured data and backup targets. It can be configured to serve primary production data storage or secondary for high-performance application needs.

Meet OneXafe 5400 Series

OneXafe 4400 NAS image
Capacity Storage

OneXafe delivers scale-out storage for large-scale, unstructured data and backup targets. It can be configured to serve as secondary storage for your backup needs.

Meet OneXafe 4400 Series