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ShadowStream lets you send backup image files to a remote site such as a second office, a co-location facility, or public or private cloud.

In low-bandwidth, high-latency, or high-packet-loss network conditions, StorageCraft® ShadowStream® technology is faster than File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Under these conditions, ShadowStream can significantly reduce the time needed to transfer backup image files.

In high-bandwidth network conditions, ShadowStream makes efficient use of bandwidth, resulting in rapid offsite replication and maximum available bandwidth for other traffic.

Use ShadowStream in these scenarios:

Offsite replication

In both of these instances, ShadowStream is a fast, reliable method for transferring backup images:

  • You want to replicate backup images to an offsite location as part of your organization’s disaster recovery plan. That way, should a fire or hurricane destroy your facility, you’ll be able to access your offsite backup images and keep the business running.

  • As a managed service provider (MSP) who offers disaster recovery as a service, you want to replicate your clients’ backup images offsite so that if an earthquake or flood takes out client offices, you can spin up their backup images so they can continue functioning.


ShadowStream transfers StorageCraft ShadowProtect® SPX and StorageCraft ShadowProtect backup image files, and it is part of StorageCraft ImageManager backup management software. But you need to buy a job license to enable it.

When you buy a ShadowStream job license, you receive a product serial number that contains one or more job licenses. You can assign these job licenses to the same or different computers, and you can move them between computers as needed. Each ShadowStream license supports one remote (offsite) replication job using ShadowStream.

After you buy job licenses, you can:

Download the ShadowStream Server

Install the ShadowStream Server

Technical specifications

Supported environments and requirements

ShadowStream Server (including the administrator console) supports Windows Server operating systems.

For a list of those supported operating systems as well as requirements, see:

Additional notes

Although ShadowStream is fast and reliable, you should base your choice of file transfer tool on the network between your local and remote sites. StorageCraft offers another excellent option for high-speed data transfers called StorageCraft intelligentFTP® (iFTP) technology.

Included with StorageCraft ImageManager, intelligentFTP might be the better option, depending on your network topology.

To learn about the differences between ShadowStream and iFTP, see ShadowStream Performance Benchmarks and Best Practices.

Inside the console

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