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Contributed to Data Center Dynamics: the Trouble with Data Hoarding

Andy Zollo, vice president of sales, EMEA, penned this article about the problem of company data accumulation for DatacenterDynamics.

Data accumulation is now a problem for companies both large and small. Not long ago, 500 terabytes of data used to be solely concern for a Fortune 500 company. Today, it is a problem for a lot of small and midsize companies as well. ...

Solutions that worked perfectly fine just five years ago simply don’t work any longer. In these “old days,” companies would just drop data into their existing storage infrastructure. But when your data is growing at 120 percent per year, you can’t do that because you’ll end up either swapping out your entire storage infrastructure every year or two, or adding disparate storage siloes to address data growth. Either option is bad for business in terms of cost, complexity, cohesion and continuity. ...

The answer to this challenge lies in self-organising storage that applies intelligence and, specifically, machine learning to the management of information.

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