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The library provides case studies, white papers, briefs, videos, and other types of information that help you learn about our solutions.


Learn about our solutions and how others have managed and protected data with StorageCraft.

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Solution Brief: Business Continuity for Remote/Branch Office Workloads

Managing data protection for remote and branch offices doesn't have to be a struggle. Learn about a next-generation solution that enables robust business continuity at the edge.

Solution Brief: Protect Your Distributed Data and Systems for Robust Business Continuity

Learn how an all-in-one disaster recovery solution for your remote or branch offices keeps your business running around the clock.

Case Study: Honey Baked Ham Turns to StorageCraft for Fast, Affordable Backups

The Honey Baked Ham Company needed to replace its slow legacy backup system. Learn how OneXafe became the key ingredient for fast, affordable backups.

Case Study: San Leon Energy Relies on OneXafe and ShadowProtect

San Leon’s ongoing exploration and seismic operations activities result in vast quantities of Geographic Information System (GIS) data that must be stored and protected. Learn about the solution San Leon implemented.

Case Study: Insurance Company Future-Proofs its Storage

This leading South African insurance company chooses OneXafe to future-proof its storage and strengthen its data resilience posture. Learn why.

Brief: Moving to Remote Working — Key Steps for a Secure Transition

Based on our own implementation, we have compiled a list of actionable tips to help you make the transition to a working-from-home business as secure and as smooth as possible.

Case Study: The Beat Goes on with ShadowProtect

Proper Music grew, but its IT systems didn't keep pace. The tape-based backup system could not keep up with the amount of data being generated. A new solution was needed, fast.

Case Study: BYU Relies on StorageCraft to Ensure Data Availability

BYU College of Life Sciences needed a new BDR solution. The college had to move quickly—its existing backup approach was gobbling storage at an unsustainable rate.

Case Study: Grimes County Sheriff's Office Handcuffs Data Disasters

The Grimes County Sheriff's Office already suffered one disastrous data loss incident. Learn how StorageCraft ensures it won't happen again.