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The library provides case studies, white papers, briefs, videos, and other types of information that help you learn about our solutions.


Learn about our solutions and how others have managed and protected data with StorageCraft.

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Video: OneXafe Solo Meets the Needs of User Friendly Computing's Customers

Learn how User Friendly Computing leverages OneXafe Solo to provide its customers with a complete disaster recovery solution.

Case Study: Kogo Calls on StorageCraft to Save the Day, and the Server!

Kogo received a panicked weekend phone call from one of its customers, SAV Systems, alerting them to a ransomware attack on one of its servers.

Case Study: VInet Technology Solutions Builds Data Resilience for Accounting Practice with StorageCraft ShadowProtect

VInet delivers more efficient, always-on data availability to PKF Adelaide with ShadowProtect SPX.

Case Study: Forerunner Computer Systems Delivers Reliable Data Protection and Recovery with StorageCraft

Forerunner Computer Systems relies on StorageCraft for consistent reliable backup and recovery for an evolving clientele with diverse IT needs.

Case Study: Jané Group Strengthens Its Data Resilience with StorageCraft Solutions

The Jané Group, one of the leading manufacturers of baby strollers in the world, implemented a powerful data protection and management infrastructure.

Case Study: Dorégrill Chooses StorageCraft for Its Data Protection

Dorégrill continues to deliver tasty roasted chickens thanks to StorageCraft data protection's magic ingredients.

Case Study: Intech3 Chooses StorageCraft ShadowProtect for Data Protection

Intech3 helps the evolving aged-care sector protect and recover data with StorageCraft ShadowProtect backup and disaster recovery software.

Video: "We Were Looking for More Than Just a Backup Solution—We Were Looking for Excellence"

Learn why Safemode, an MSP in New Zealand, uses StorageCraft for its clients' backup and disaster recovery needs.

Case Study: Dennis Publishing Chooses StorageCraft Data Protection Solutions

Dennis Publishing keeps pages turning across the globe thanks to StorageCraft data protection solutions.