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Contributed to Small Biz Daily: Implementing a DR Plan

Sean Derrington, a Senior Director of Product Management at StorageCraft, is responsible for all aspects of Product Management, Product Marketing, and Marketing. He wrote this article for Small Biz Daily on DR plans.

As we enter into 2018, many organizations will be solidifying their fiscal and strategic plans for the new quarter or year.  Unfortunately, many of those plans may not include disaster recovery or business continuity planning – a mistake as all organizations benefit greatly from having proactive tactics in place in case of emergencies.    The fact is, experts will look at 2017 as being one of the worst on record in the U.S for natural disasters and often, it is the smaller businesses that suffer the worst.

Former Joint Task Force Katrina Commander Russel Honore was quoted on the Fox Business Network  with this sobering statistic: “You know the old numbers, 40% of small businesses don’t survive these events because the grid doesn’t come up, they don’t have the workers and the people that they used to work for are not open.”

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