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StorageCraft Patents

The list below identifies StorageCraft products that are protected by patents in the United States and other parts of the world. This list of StorageCraft products may not be all-inclusive, and other StorageCraft products not listed here may be protected by one or more patents.

This webpage is provided to satisfy the virtual patent marking requirements of various jurisdictions, including the virtual patent marking provisions of the U.S. Leahy-Smith America Invents Act of 35 U.S.C. § 287(a).


US9152508, US10241873


US8782005, US9152508, US9171138, US8190574, US9311003, US9489140, US9606875, US9684458, US8943105, US8997249, US9424404, US9536062, US10241873, AU2015202965

ShadowProtect SPX

US8665275, US8943105, US8997249, US9075649, US9171138, US9311003, US9424404, US9489140, US9536062, US9684458, US9678685, US9886265, US10078525, AU2014203099, AU2015203231, AU2015202965, DE2824574, EP2824574, FR2824574, GB2824574, JP5736491, JP5819561


US9075649, US10078525, AU2015203231, JP5819561

StorageCraft Recovery Environment CrossPlatform

US8190574, US9606875

StorageCraft Cloud Services

US8190574, US9087001, US9606875, US10241873, AU2016200242, JP6122159







OneBlox 3308

US8868926, US8991950, US9389651, US9628438, US9830324, US8868926, US9985829, USD750033, JP1510699, JP5996088 B2, Community Design Registrations 002382549-0001 - 002382549-0004

OneBlox 4312 & 5210

US9628438, US9830324, US9846553, US9985829


US9774582, US9985829, EP3103023, FR3103023, GB3103023, DE3103023

OneXafe 4412, 4417, & 5410

US9628438, US9830324, US9846553, US9985829, EP3103023, FR3103023, GB3103023, DE3103023

Last updated: June 10, 2019