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Exablox Continues to Reimagine Storage as the Only Vendor to Offer Inline Variable and Fixed-Length Deduplication and Inline Compression, Resulting in up to 20:1 Data Reduction

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – Dec. 16, 2015 – Exablox®, the award-winning company reimagining storage, today announced that it has added variable-length deduplication to its suite of enterprise-class features for its OneBlox® appliance. With this addition, Exablox is the only storage provider to offer both inline variable-length and fixed-length deduplication along with inline compression in a single storage pool. These capabilities enable Exablox to decrease the required storage by up to 95 percent and increase data reduction ratios up to 20:1. Consequently, customers dramatically increase the amount of effective storage capacity and drive costs down to $0.03/GB. Exablox’s variable-length deduplication feature is well suited to interoperate with backup/recovery software from major vendors, including Veeam, AppAssure, CommVault and others.

Exablox’s ability to combine inline variable and fixed-length deduplication with inline compression is an innovation no other storage company offers. By being able to select deduplication techniques, storage administrators can now customize data reduction techniques based on application type. For example, within the same OneBlox Ring a backup share can use variable-length and compression data reduction techniques, while a share for primary storage can use fixed-length and compression techniques.

Variable and fixed-length deduplication are the two main types of data deduplication. Fixed-length deduplication uses the same segment-length and offers good data reduction ratios for information that is consistent in size. Variable-length uses a sliding window to determine the optimal boundaries for deduplication; this feature, combined with compression, enables Exablox customers to realize data reduction ratios up to 20:1 and to store as much as 4.4 PB of effective storage in a single global file system.

“It makes an IT administrator’s job easier to have the choice between data reduction capabilities in a global storage pool,” said Tim Stammers, senior analyst, 451 Research. “With the addition of variable-length deduplication, Exablox has deepened its range of enterprise-class features, giving customers of any size access to storage features that would cost more in other storage systems.”

Variable-length deduplication is available immediately as a free upgrade for all current OneBlox 4312 customers. For more information please visit www.exablox.com or call 855-369-2569.

About Exablox

Exablox is the award winning company reimagining storage. Exablox solves organizations’ runaway storage costs and information management nightmares due to accelerating and unpredictable data growth. OneBlox is a scale-out object-based NAS solution that is far easier to scale and manage than the legacy systems and delivers enterprise-grade software, including inline deduplication, compression, continuous data protection and disaster recovery. Founded in 2010, Exablox is headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif., and backed by leading Silicon Valley venture firms and strategic investors. Visit Exablox online at www.exablox.com and join the conversation at www.twitter.com/exablox.