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The Fight Against Ransomware

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09/18/2019 12:00 PM to 01:00 PM




Data security risks are at all-time high. In the last two years, ransomware has doubled in cost to an unbelievable $11.5 billion. The entities developing the nefarious software infecting your customers are becoming more and more sophisticated.

What’s more, 77% of organizations who experienced a cyberattack had the most recent updates installed, and even then, were compromised. Education and readiness around data security challenges are more paramount than ever before. Particularly for your SMB customers, because a security breach resulting in the loss of data, could be catastrophic for their business.

Join us for a timely best practice discussion on preventive measures and what to do when prevention fails. We’ll cover:

  • Preparation - tips and tricks for mitigating malware and ransomware out of customer
  • Remediation – how to retrieve data so the business is functional and productive
  • Restoration – bringing systems back to the original state prior to being compromised environments