OEM Program Overview



Join a Winning Team by Becoming a StorageCraft OEM Partner Today

The StorageCraft OEM partner program provides a world-class backup and disaster recovery software solution to hardware or software vendors who wish to incorporate all or part of StorageCraft technology within their own offerings. If you're looking for a reliable backup and disaster recovery company to do business with, look no further. StorageCraft has been awarded top industry accolades for its backup, disaster recovery, and secure data protection software.

StorageCraft's OEM Program Benefits

StorageCraft can enhance your current offering by providing the following:

  • Complete open file management technology
  • Full backup and disaster recovery
  • P2V, V2P or P2P system migration

StorageCraft solutions are used in virtualization, backup, disaster recovery, and systems management solutions. StorageCraft has extensive experience providing recovery solutions for hardware manufacturers worldwide.

Hard drive and storage manufacturers: Enhance your customer's user experience by bundling ShadowProtect for sale with your hardware. This provides the total backup solution every user needs.

PC manufacturers: By bundling ShadowProtect with each new computer you sell, you provide the end user with the backup solution that they need. In addition it will cut down your support expenses. Technical support representatives will be able to restore customer files and settings back to a single point in time or even to the original configuration. In the event of a total system failure, ShadowProtect backups can be restored to a new or virtual machine.

Software manufacturers: Integrate StorageCraft into your own software or managed serviced solutions. Many well-known backup software suppliers actually make use of StorageCraft technology to drive their solutions. It makes economic sense as StorageCraft incurs all the costs of developing and maintaining the software. This will result in cost savings and reduced support costs for software manufacturers.

Feel free to contact us to discuss OEM possibilities for your business.