Maximize Your Ability to Profit with Our Partner-Inspired Program

What is the StorageCraft Partner Program, and who can participate?


The StorageCraft® Profit-Ability Partner Program is our profit-maximizing program for reseller partners. This program gives managed service providers (MSPs), value-added resellers (VARs), and other resellers the opportunity to sell backup and disaster recovery as a service.

The Profit-Ability Program is unique among industry partner programs because we used feedback from our existing partners to design the program. Enlisting partners as part of the design team ensures the success of both the partner and StorageCraft. And partners chose to keep it simple: you don't need to follow complex rules or meet any stringent requirements to benefit. In fact, the program is extremely flexible so partners can be assured success regardless of their size or circumstance.

The Profit-Ability Program focuses on:

  • Educating you and your team about our products
  • Helping you and your team identify solutions for your customers' needs
  • Building your business

We support your sales efforts in numerous ways, such as by providing:

  • A dedicated account manager
  • Sales training and tools
  • Marketing materials
  • Leads
  • Pre-sales support

Backup, disaster recovery, system migration, and data protection services are a rapidly evolving market with a variety of approaches and solutions. We believe those resellers who make the effort to get the tools they need to successfully sell our products and services should profit substantially from their relationship with us.

Why participate in the StorageCraft Profit-Ability Partner Program?

We can help you increase your profits 

Disaster recovery, backup, and data protection markets have potential to be significant revenue streams because your customers need solutions in these areas. StorageCraft equips you with creative and reliable solutions to meet their needs.

We offer reliable, reputable products

We release our products only after exhaustive internal testing and broad beta testing that exposes the products to a variety of environments and anticipated customer uses—which means you’ll sell and use products that work as they should.

We are channel-friendly

We pledge to keep the reseller channel competitive on price. No one from StorageCraft will ever intercept your deal or try to take it direct. You can call us to assist you in any selling situation with full assurance that our motives are to help you.

We have your back

Just as you understand your customers' needs and the nuances of the industries in which they compete, we understand what you need to succeed in selling our products. We invest in your training and preparation, and we’re available when you need us. We are fair and easy to do business with.

What do I get when I participate in the Profit-Ability Partner Program?

Marketing development funds (MDFs)

  • Plan a marketing project to push your backup and disaster recovery services and get funding support from StorageCraft 

Deal registration

  • Register deals and earn a discount of five percent on orders over $5,000

Marketing and sales collateral

  • Receive access to marketing and sales materials, product and pricing information, and other tools you need to sell StorageCraft backup and disaster recovery solutions

Dedicated account manager

  • Ask questions, raise concerns, or voice your needs—your account manager is here to help

Sales and product training

  • Participate in free webinars and live seminars and become more effective at using StorageCraft products in your business

Not for Resale (NFR) software

  • Back up your own environment for free or test solutions using our specially licensed software available only to partners

Access to technical training

StorageCraft ShadowProtect® IT Edition

  • Do more than $5,000 in sales quarterly and get our technician’s tool, ShadowProtect IT Edition, free
  • Do more than $1,000 in quarterly sales and get it at a discount ($299 per quarter)

Lead sharing

  • Receive leads we get from small to medium businesses (SMBs) who need your services

Sales incentives

  • Participate in spiff programs and receive promotional items

Competitive upgrade pricing

  • Qualify for competitive upgrade pricing when you change your current backup and disaster recovery solution to ours

ShadowProtect IT Edition PRO


How do I become a Profit-Ability partner?

Show your interest by filling out our become a partner web form.

Once your completed application is approved:

  • You’ll receive a welcome letter with information on how to begin, including a user login to exclusive areas of our partner website

(The partner website is where you’ll find our marketing and sales materials, pricing information, deal registration, and other tools to help you become a successful StorageCraft backup and disaster recovery provider.)

  • You'll receive a call from your regional account manager. This person will welcome you aboard and answer any questions.

Have questions now? Contact us.

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