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What is StorageCraft Academy, and who can participate?

StorageCraft Technology Corporation prides itself on delivering world-class partner programs and training. To optimize your opportunities as a StorageCraft partner, we at StorageCraft have developed the StorageCraft® Academy.

The StorageCraft Academy is our training and certification program for sales and technical professionals who work with StorageCraft backup and disaster recovery products and services. This comprehensive training program ensures these professionals receive the training needed to effectively sell, configure, and manage the complete StorageCraft line.

StorageCraft Recover-Ability™ solution
(Each StorageCraft product and service makes up one part of the StorageCraft Recover-Ability™ solution. With this solution, your customers will be able to recover anytime, anywhere, and after any disaster.)

In order to participate in training, you must:

  • Be a StorageCraft partner - learn more about our Profit-Ability Partner Program
  • Have a StorageCraft Academy membership subscription - learn more about how to sign up below

What is included in StorageCraft Academy training program?

  • eLearning Grow Your Business, Engineer, and Engineer Advanced Topics courses
  • Opportunity to take exams and earn StorageCraft certification for eLearning courses
  • Resources: bonus online, product-specific learning modules
  • Instructor-led courses held in various locations around the United States for a nominal fee
  • Opportunity to earn StorageCraft Certified Master Engineer certification
  • 24/7 emergency support

Why participate in StorageCraft Academy training?

Increased revenue

You’ll make more money as you become more knowledgeable about our products and services, because you can better sell, configure, and support them

Reduced support costs

You will spend less time and money on support calls to our support team as you become better able to support StorageCraft products and services

Customer satisfaction and retention

You will have happy customers who return to you for their needs if you can sell StorageCraft products and services and then reliably configure and support them


You’ll be able to differentiate yourself as an expert, not just in StorageCraft products and services, but in disaster recovery as well—your customers will trust your abilities and recommend you to others

Emergency support

You can access StorageCraft support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency issues with your StorageCraft Academy subscription—after all, experts-in-training need help from time to time

How does the StorageCraft Academy program work?

The learning pathway

The StorageCraft Academy program provides a sequential path that sales and technical professionals follow in order to reach proficiency in StorageCraft products and services. Along the learning path, you earn certifications that declare your competence in StorageCraft software and services.

Begin with StorageCraft Academy eLearning courses

StorageCraft Academy subscribers have access to multiple eLearning courses. Take these courses anytime, and go at your own paceas a busy technician and sales professional, you’ll likely appreciate the flexibility of our eLearning courses.

(As a supplement to eLearning courses, StorageCraft Academy provides Resources, short online modules about specific products and their functions. These are also available 24/7, and each takes only a few minutes to watch.)

Move on to instructor-led courses

After you learn disaster recovery knowledge through eLearning, move on to thorough, one-day and two-day instructor-led classroom courses. These hands-on courses are our most comprehensive and cover complex disaster recovery topics.

Held throughout the United States and Canada, classroom courses are for technicians who want to learn more in a lab-based classroom setting, ideally after completing eLearning courses. Instructor-led courses are available for a nominal fee to StorageCraft Academy subscribers. Our StorageCraft trainers, each of whom has a technical engineering background, lead these courses.

What certifications are available and how are they acquired?

StorageCraft offers certification for technicians as a method to affirm knowledge in a particular area. Certification not only declares professional competence, it also potentially can provide a technical qualification for those seeking certain positions within the disaster recovery field.

StorageCraft offers three certifications:

  • StorageCraft Certified Engineer (SCE)

    As a StorageCraft Certified Engineer, you should be ready to help customers design and implement a disaster recovery solution based on StorageCraft products and technologies.

    You earn your SCE certification by completing the StorageCraft Engineer eLearning course and passing the online SCE exam (the exam is available for a small fee).

  • StorageCraft Engineer – Offsite Recovery

    The StorageCraft Engineer – Offsite Recovery certification shows that you are proficient in helping customers create and implement a disaster recovery plan that includes replication to and recovery from an offsite location.

    You can earn your certification in Offsite Recovery by taking the Advanced Topics Offsite Recovery eLearning course and passing the online exam (the exam is available for a small fee).

  • StorageCraft Certified Master Engineer (SCME)

    The SCME affirms knowledge and expertise in backup and disaster recovery. It validates your ability to use StorageCraft products and technologies to successfully design, implement, and manage a disaster recovery solution and to restore systems.

    In order to earn your SCME, you must:

    • Complete the StorageCraft Engineer eLearning course and have earned your SCE
    • Complete Advanced Engineer and Protecting Complex Servers instructor-led courses

What courses are available?

eLearning courses

Grow Your Business

This course introduces you to backup and disaster recovery solutions built on StorageCraft ShadowProtect® and StorageCraft ImageManager software.

StorageCraft Engineer

In this course, you’ll gain skills needed to design, implement, and manage StorageCraft disaster recovery solutions that use ShadowProtect and StorageCraft ImageManager.

StorageCraft Engineer – Advanced Topics

This group of courses gives you an in-depth look at complex subjects such as offsite recovery and specific StorageCraft technologies, products, and services.

Instructor-led courses

StorageCraft Advanced Engineer

This comprehensive two-day course will provide you with the skills to design and implement a disaster recovery solution that you can efficiently fail over, in the event of a disaster. You’ll also learn how to fail back to the original production server(s) after the disaster.

StorageCraft Protecting Complex Servers

In this in-depth one-day course, you’ll learn how to design and implement an offsite disaster recovery solution. This course also covers the skills and best practices needed to back up and recover complex servers such as Active Directory, Exchange, and SQL. You’ll also learn how to perform a granular recovery of a SQL database.

Visit the course catalog to learn more and see a complete list of currently available courses.

Want to learn more or get ahold of a printable document?

  • Brochure – an overview of the StorageCraft Academy program
  • FAQs – frequently asked questions about StorageCraft Academy, courses, registration, and certification
  • Courses and Resources – a current list of all available eLearning courses and resources
  • Instructor-led courses – a current list, including dates, of available instructor-led courses

How do partners become StorageCraft Academy members?

StorageCraft Academy membership is available in annual subscriptions that you pay in monthly increments. Membership subscriptions are available in Standard and Premium packages, and 24/7 emergency support is included.

Learn more and purchase membership subscriptions now.

Already a member? Go to the Academy Login now.

How do partners sign up for eLearning certification exams?

Once you’ve completed a qualifying eLearning course, you can take an online exam to demonstrate your newfound knowledge. If you pass the exam, you attain certification. Purchase an exam now.

How do partners register for instructor-led courses?

You first need a StorageCraft Academy membership subscription. Subscribe to the StorageCraft Academy to become a member now.

Additionally, you need to have earned your StorageCraft Certified Engineer (SCE) certification in order to attend an instructor-led course.

Have you earned your SCE? Register for instructor-led courses.

How do partners get instructor-led courses held at their location(s)?

StorageCraft Academy members can pay to have one or both instructor-led courses onsite. Onsite training is best-suited for partners who want four or more people trained. Inquire about onsite training now.

What’s the fine print?

Non-transferable membership

When you subscribe, you receive an annual membership for each individual user you enroll in StorageCraft Academy. These annual, per-user memberships are non-transferable unless an enrolled staff member has left the partner organization.


StorageCraft Technology Corporation reserves the right to cancel an instructor-led course by giving notice of such cancellation at least two weeks (14 days) prior to the scheduled start date. If a course is canceled, StorageCraft will contact each registered attendee to reschedule the course at a later date.

Payment terms and credit policy

Payment is due in full during the registration process.

If you terminate or cancel a training reservation three weeks or more prior to the start date, you will receive a credit of 100% to go toward a future training class. Credits are valid for one year from date of issue.

If you terminate or cancel a training reservation two weeks prior to the start date, you will receive a credit of 50% toward a future training class. Credits are valid for one year from date of issue.

Reservations canceled less than two weeks prior to the first day of training class will result in forfeiture of all monies paid.

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