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Next-generation StorageCraft Cloud Services lifts off in Australia

$150 credit for every new machine added to purpose-built disaster recovery cloud

SYDNEY – StorageCraft Technology today announced the launch of the next-generation version of its purpose-built backup and disaster recovery cloud in Australia.

In addition to the availability of StorageCraft® Cloud Services™, the company announced a special offer that will allow IT professionals to place their data and systems in StorageCraft Cloud Services with significant savings while not worrying about hidden fees.

The new StorageCraft Cloud Services, which allows users to customise cloud coverage to meet their unique recovery needs, includes new features such as an easy-to-use portal, and provides several flexible recovery options to mitigate system downtime and data loss. It also includes quick recovery through fully virtualised and networked systems in the cloud. In addition to the ability to recover data and IT systems quickly, StorageCraft Cloud Services has a new pricing structure without hidden fees.

Also, IT professionals in Australia who add a new machine to StorageCraft Cloud Services between February 3 and March 31 will automatically receive a $150 credit per new machine. A $75 credit will be issued for machines moved from StorageCraft’s legacy cloud to the new StorageCraft Cloud Services from Feb. 3 to March 31. All credits will be applied to the machine for the next billing cycle and will be used until exhausted. As an added bonus, StorageCraft will provide free shipping on all seed drives during the promotional period.

“Australia’s IT professionals can now have a risk-free opportunity to place their mission critical data and systems in a trusted purpose-built disaster recovery cloud,” said Stan Nelson, General Manager of StorageCraft’s Sydney-based operations. “StorageCraft Cloud Services is one of the most trusted backup and disaster recovery solutions on the market today due to its speed and reliability,”

StorageCraft has contracted NEXTDC to host StorageCraft Cloud Services, which means Australian data and systems will stay in Australia.

“Back-up and business continuity are two of the fundamental cloud services offered by our ecosystem partners, which require the utmost in reliability to be effective. This level of uptime is the synchronicity between the exceptional disaster recovery cloud services offered by StorageCraft, and the 100 per cent availability we deliver for their critical cloud infrastructure,” said NEXTDC CEO Craig Scroggie. “StorageCraft is a thriving business, which suits the scalability of our services, and we are very pleased they have selected NEXTDC to support their Australian operations.”

StorageCraft Cloud Services, built on technology from the hugely successful StorageCraft ShadowProtect® suite of software, provides the following features to IT professionals:

  • Instant virtualisation and networking of cloud-based backups.
  • Granular file and folder access.
  • Personal control of cloud backups for fast recoveries.
  • Enterprise-grade security and encryption to ensure the most secure cloud hardware and software architecture possible.
  • An easy-to-use self-service, Cloud Services portal, for simple and fast recovery of systems and data.
  • 24 hours a day, 365 days a year global Network Operation Center monitoring and Support Teams.

StorageCraft Cloud Services is available in flexible tiered options and service+ levels:

  • Cloud Basic: Secure offsite storage of critical business backups with full system restore via a bare metal restore (BMR) drive.
  • Cloud+: Includes everything in Cloud Basic, plus immediate file and folder recovery.
  • Cloud Premium: Includes everything in Cloud+, as well as instant virtualization of data and systems in the cloud.

More information about StorageCraft Cloud Services is available at

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