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StorageCraft Beats Cryptolocker with Offsite Backup

Ransomware Projected to be Continued Threat for Businesses of All Sizes

DRAPER, UT, December 19, 2016 – When is it going to be your turn to pay up? US Departments of Justice and Homeland Security reported that cyber-criminals collected more than $24 million in ransomware payments from businesses of all sizes. And that’s just from the known incidents. Countless others go unreported.

Just this week, StorageCraft’s support team took dozens of calls from organizations whose onsite backup files had been corrupted by ransomware like Cryptolocker. This kind of malware sits dormant on a host device until it maps the topography of your whole network. This includes every server and share the host device touches. Once the map is complete, the malware deploys and locks everything down – including any local backups stashed away in hopes of restoring your last known good state.

The only way around this risk is to replicate backups to a trusted offsite resource that malware can’t find or touch through your wide area network.

“If you’re not already replicating offsite, you’re at risk. What I’m hearing from my IT peers is that they want a solution that’s ready to save them from ransomware out of the box. Clients are moving to StorageCraft Cloud Services in huge numbers to inoculate their environments against these kinds of security threats. It really is that easy to prevent with a purpose-built recovery cloud like ours, but once you’ve been hit, it’s too late,” said Stewart Grow, StorageCraft’s IT Director.

StorageCraft’s global partner community is saying that prevention is the only real defense against this expanding menace. “The StorageCraft Cloud gives us peace of mind. If you lose data, you’re done. That’s why our number one priority is making sure it’s protected—it’s the only thing you can’t really get back or re-create. We feel protected now,” said Eric Weast, owner of ECW Network & IT Solutions, a StorageCraft Cloud Services partner in Florida.

Lee Schor, StorageCraft’s VP of Sales for the Americas, said, “Eric’s take on protecting his IT customers from Hurricane Matthew echoes what I’m hearing from partners across the continent. StorageCraft’s recovery cloud has business-grade features that make offsite replication simple, affordable, and reliable.”

There are hackers out there who see ransomware as a viable career path in a growth market. Any organization, regardless of size, can easily dodge them by replicating to the cloud right now.

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