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StorageCraft Launches Cloud Backup for Office 365

DRAPER, Utah -- December 5, 2016 – Many SaaS users are finding out the hard way that using a cloud-based application is not the same as backing up a cloud-based application. The number one reason for needing to recover files is user error, for example, overwriting or deleting critical data. SaaS applications typically provide a platform recovery which still leaves users in the lurch. StorageCraft Cloud Backup for Office 365 provides complete protection for Exchange, calendars and contacts, OneDrive, SharePoint and public shared folders. It is perfectly suited for large-scale enterprise deployments with multiple office locations and remote workers as well as for smaller organizations typically managed by channel service providers. Data is protected by state-of-the-art compression and encryption in Tier 3+ certified datacenters. Data additions or changes are identified automatically and backed up without user intervention. And users have access to their data. They can quickly recover files, folders or an entire user account using a self-service portal thereby eliminating wait time for IT support tickets. Future StorageCraft Cloud Backup solutions in this series will be available for Google Apps, Salesforce and in early 2017.

“The common misperception that cloud solutions provide sufficient backup capability is preventing organizations from taking the proper safeguards to protect their data,” said Scott Barnes, Chief Technical Officer of StorageCraft. “Microsoft backs up Office 365 against problems related to their own data centers, but they don’t provide safeguards against data loss from user or system errors.” Additionally, there are no assurances that any available data will be restored to the Office application with its original attributes. That’s if the data is even available. Cloud application vendors frequently discard their data after thirty days. So, while the cloud provides protection in case of floods or other natural disasters, if critical data is deleted or overwritten, having your data in the cloud is irrelevant from a recovery standpoint. “That’s exactly where StorageCraft Cloud Backup plays a central role,” [said Mike Kunz, vice president of operations. “And that’s what makes the rest of the StorageCraft suite of Cloud Backup products extremely relevant to users of SaaS applications.]

It was customer control combined with ease of use that prompted Cliff Huxster, Solutions Architect at Integral Solutions Group in South Carolina, United States, to comment, “businesses migrating to cloud solutions like Office 365 and Google Apps do not realize how little control they have on whether their data is being backed up and the nightmare of getting it back if something is deleted or gets corrupted.  Our customers want more control and management of their Cloud data backups and restores. Plus, I really like the fact that the Cloud Backup service is integrated into the existing StorageCraft portal as a one-stop-shop.”

The implications of Cloud Backup are profound. First, StorageCraft protects organizations against ransomware attacks by providing complete data back to the customer. Since users have access to their data, that means they can simply roll back to a clean version and restore it malware-free. Second, if data is corrupted or difficult to impossible to access, having it in a SaaS vendor’s cloud is meaningless. They don’t provide protection for your data. Even still, requests to retrieve data under a typical end user license agreement could take days to process. And, there is no guarantee that the data will be in its original and immediately usable format. And third, users often update their computers and then find that they have to rebuild all the structures, labels and settings. The same holds true for organizations in general. The StorageCraft Cloud Backup restores data exactly the way it was originally without the hassle of recreating functions and settings. The StorageCraft Cloud Backup for Office 365 protects against user errors, system errors including data overwrites, and malicious actions. It recovers data anytime, from anywhere from previous days, months and years. It restores at the individual file or folder level. And it verifies the data with accurate reporting and notifications.

Channel partners will be pleased to hear that once an account is set up for protection, they can simply monitor accounts from notifications or the portal. Plus, the single sign-on management portal allows partners to monitor all customers without logging in and out of each account. You can add and remove users, add and remove services and backup only needed data. And, there is no need to actively engage with Cloud Backup unless a restore or export is needed


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