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The YMCA of the Fox Cities of Wisconsin Cuts Operational Costs by 50 Percent with Exablox and Future-proofs Its Storage Infrastructure Against Unpredictable Data Growth

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – January 22, 2015 - Exablox®, the award winning company reimagining storage, today announced that the YMCA of the Fox Cities of Wisconsin, a non-profit organization promoting youth, adult and family activities, now stores its mission critical information with Exablox’s OneBlox®scale-out NAS. The YMCA was faced with two pressing challenges. The mission critical applications protected by Veeam require significantly more storage each year placing a burden on the data protection infrastructure. Additionally, the marketing department’s nearly insatiable appetite for multimedia production and archives compounded the YMCA’s phenomenal data storage growth rates.

With a limited budget and a focused IT organization, the YMCA desperately needed a feature-rich, easily-managed, scalable storage solution supporting storage demands that double every year. With Exablox’s OneBlox, the organization has an all-in-one, primary, backup and disaster-recovery storage solution. OneBlox enables the YMCA to painlessly recover its mission critical information at a moment’s notice. It also provides the ability to restore business operations in the event of a disaster with a full remote replica of the organization’s mission critical information.

“We desperately needed more capacity to support our business as employees are increasingly storing more information and digital assets. With our aging server, we were faced with a painful migration,” said Lance Hietpas, senior system network administrator for the YMCA of the Fox Cities of Wisconsin. “With Exablox I now have a seamlessly scalable storage solution that continuously protects my data so I can recover information in an instant and it replicates my information offsite for disaster recovery. I will never be faced with a forklift upgrade again.”

YMCA Business Challenges
The YMCA of the Fox Cities of Wisconsin was using an aging server as its filer and was quickly running out of available storage capacity. With limited scalability as a result of a traditional RAID implementation, the IT organization was forced to disrupt the business and push the burden on its users to constantly delete potentially valuable information to free up space for new content. Faced with the trade off of risking the loss of historical data, having backup jobs fail, or an inability to support new primary content, it looked to upgrade its server. That proposition required an expensive forklift migration and cost even more in lost productivity due to business disruption. Furthermore, there was no guarantee that the currently affordable server and storage choices would support the organization’s requirements two to three years in the future.

Like many organizations, accurately predicting the organization’s storage needs for the next three years is an impossible task given the unpredictable growth rates. With this inability, it was faced with spending too much and over provisioning or spending too little and accelerating the need for another painful forklift upgrade. The IT organization spent up to 80 percent of its time managing data, requesting the business to delete digital assets, jeopardizing the Veeam backup retention policies and trying to find ways to keep operations moving forward. To remedy this problem, The YMCA selected an all-in-one storage, backup and disaster recovery solution that would support their unpredictable and dynamic business requirements for years to come.

“Historically, IT organizations have been faced with the difficult trade-off of an expensive feature-rich storage solution that is complex to manage or an affordable storage solution that often doesn’t satisfy the business requirements,” said Douglas Brockett, CEO Exablox “Exablox is focused on delivering a storage solution that delivers a rich feature set while seamlessly scaling to support rapidly growing business requirements. We’re delivering a solution that expands storage capacity at a moment’s notice, nearly instantaneous recovery of information from automatic snapshots and the opportunity to recover information from remote sites in the event of a disaster, all in an elegantly managed way. In doing so, we’re giving IT administrators back the coveted time they desperately need to support the business.”

Reimagining Storage
The operational benefits of OneBlox were immediately apparent to the YMCA of Fox Cities. Not only is the IT department now spending 50% less time managing storage than it did prior to installing OneBlox, it has eliminated the problem of continually hitting the storage capacity ceiling. OneBlox’s scale-out architecture enables the YMCA to instantly grow its storage capacity without ever configuring a RAID volume or LUN. Consequently, attempting to predict long-term Veeam storage requirements and its digital asset storage appetite is no longer a business requirement or constraint. The users, and Veeam backup administrators simply have more storage capacity available instantly—all with zero configuration. Additionally, with Exablox’s BYOD (Bring Your Own Drive) strategy, the YMCA can mix and match commodity hard drives taking advantage of real-time price declines to meet their of tight budget requirements.

The YMCA required a complete solution. OneBlox’s scale-out architecture satisfied its many requirements, and its continuous data protection (CDP) and remote replication compliment the fully integrated solution. Now every digital asset is protected and preserved with continuous, automatic snapshots across the global file system. Augmenting the local protection capabilities, the YMCA is replicating the local OneBlox to an offsite location for disaster recovery. Now, regardless of the recovery request, or the severity of the disaster, YMCA of the Fox Cities’ digital information and Veeam backup images are safely protected.

About Exablox
Exablox is the award winning company reimagining storage. Exablox solves businesses’ runaway storage costs and information management nightmares by providing a cloud-managed, scale-out object-based solution that is affordable and easy to use. OneBlox is an inclusive storage offering that combines an elegant hardware architecture and integrated, enterprise-grade software, including inline deduplication, continuous data protection and disaster recovery. Founded in 2010, Exablox is headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif., and backed by leading Silicon Valley venture firms. Visit Exablox online at and join the conversation at