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Complete Protection of
Business IT Environments

Ensure that business stays open with the StorageCraft Recovery Solution.

From snapshot to cloud and back again, we have you covered.

Once you get past all the bits, bytes, and specs, StorageCraft's products and services exist for one reason—to get you a better night’s sleep. We're an IT software company focused on technology that makes life easier for IT service professionals. The ingredients of the StorageCraft® Recovery Solution work together to help you make business continuity a reality for your customers and in your own production environment.

Back up and recover physical and virtual Windows and Linux systems.


Back up and recover servers.


Back up and recover virtual machines (VMs).

Small Business

Back up and recover Microsoft Windows small-business-server versions.


Back up and recover desktops and workstations.

Back up and recover Windows servers, VMs, desktops, and workstations.

Free management and monitoring software

Remotely manage and monitor your SPX or ShadowProtect backups.

Verify, consolidate, replicate SPX or ShadowProtect backups.

Related products and services

Replicate SPX and ShadowProtect backups to our offsite data center.

Recover emails and other message data.

Standalone tools for IT professionals working in Windows

Back up and recover any system (unrestricted/special use).


Back up and recover any system; recover Exchange messages (unrestricted/special use).


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