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Because SaaS applications exist in the cloud, it's easy to assume hosted data is automatically protected.

SaaS (software as a service) application vendors do provide some protection, yet any backups they take are to meet their needs, not those of a business. The truth is, cloud apps just aren’t built to provide full backup and disaster recovery capabilities.

Granular data, such as an email, document, or spreadsheet, can be lost forever if a user accidentally deletes, infects, or overwrites it. StorageCraft® Cloud Backup can provide peace of mind—because you can be certain your SaaS data is safe from any type of disaster. 

If you’re a StorageCraft partner, set up all your client accounts in the same portal from which you manage your other StorageCraft offerings. Once configured, StorageCraft Cloud Backup automatically backs up hosted data to a geographically appropriate Amazon S3 data center (United States, Ireland, or Australia) or to a user-defined Microsoft Azure account. Backups occur at regular intervals, and reports and notifications inform you of success or issues.

You don’t need to manage anything else in this web-based application until a restore is needed, and that restore process is quick and painless. Recover past versions of documents, even versions from months ago, regardless of what has happened to them since. Retrieve contact lists, old emails, and other data. Restore deleted users. Advanced search enables you to easily find and restore specific items, and do so across all supported SaaS services for a given account.


Partners can offer StorageCraft Cloud Backup to their customers via a subscription licensing model. Each subscription is per seat and includes unlimited storage for backed-up data.

Additionally, each subscription automatically comes with a free trial.

Supported online applications

Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft 365

StorageCraft Cloud Backup protects:

  • Exchange Online contacts, emails, calendars, and mailboxes
  • SharePoint Online documents
  • OneDrive for Business documents
  • Teams messages and shared documents

Learn how to configure for Office 365 and Microsoft 365.

G Suite by Google

StorageCraft Cloud Backup protects:

  • Gmail contacts and emails
  • Google Calendar shareable calendars and events
  • Google Drive files
  • Google Sites

Learn how to configure for G Suite.

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