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If you want to assure business continuity, StorageCraft Cloud Services helps by protecting systems, data, and uptime.

Plan your recovery from a site-wide disaster. Create your local backup images with StorageCraft ShadowXafe® or ShadowProtect®.

With StorageCraft ImageManager, replicate those encrypted backups offsite to the StorageCraft Cloud. You can even seed the cloud with your base backup image and any existing consolidated incremental images by replicating them to a physical StorageCraft seed drive and shipping it to us—this saves your network bandwidth.

Manage your accounts in this DR cloud through an easy-to-use cloud portal. Our privacy and security measures ensure that only you can access your stored backup images—and that those backups remain safe no matter what. Should a local disaster strike, be confident you can get your data.

Recover individual files and folders or instantly virtualize systems in the cloud (choose from our three Service Levels for the protection that meets your organization’s needs). We won't ever charge you extra fees at the time of recovery.

As soon as you’re ready, restore your system to replacement hardware onsite by using the StorageCraft Bare Metal Restore (BMR) process. Request a BMR drive, which contains your ShadowProtect or SPX backup images. You can also download the backup image file to your local site without any hidden egress charges.

The StorageCraft Recovery Environment will enable you to restore your full system from the BMR drive with minimal downtime. If you choose Cloud Premium and run a virtual machine in the cloud during a disaster, you can automatically download any incremental backups created after your drive was created and shipped, which makes recovery even easier. Complete control over networking, including customizable VPN configurations, allow for a seamless failover in case of a disaster.

Cloud customization

Every organization’s needs are different, and critical systems and non-critical systems need different levels of protection. StorageCraft enables you to customize your cloud configuration to fit your business continuity plan, environment, and budget.

Cloud Service Levels

StorageCraft Cloud Services is available in three Service Levels.

  • Cloud Basic

  • Cloud Plus

  • Cloud Premium

In addition, in the United States, you can choose to have your data mirrored to a second data center.

Compare Service Levels

Cloud Retention

Use the preconfigured retention settings, or customize your own daily, weekly, or monthly recovery points to best meet your needs.

See Retention Settings

You can also create intra-daily recovery points, which are as current as the most recent backups sent to the cloud and verified. To make your on-demand intra-daily recovery point, all you have to do is click the "Generate Recovery Point" button on your cloud portal dashboard.

Technical information

Cloud storage details

File and folder access, as well as full virtualization, in the StorageCraft Cloud can be near instantaneous if the data is stored with minimal compression. When a device is initially uploaded to the cloud, the amount of storage space used will be roughly the same as the amount used on the original volume.

The cloud space used will be larger than the space required by the locally compressed ShadowXafe or ShadowProtect image(s). As recovery points are sent to the StorageCraft Cloud, the storage space used in the cloud will be larger because of the additional cloud recovery points.

To reduce the amount of space used in the StorageCraft Cloud, users may leverage a separate retention policy independent of the local StorageCraft ImageManager retention policy.

Populating the cloud

Before populating the StorageCraft Cloud, you need to encrypt your ShadowXafe or ShadowProtect backups if you’re not already doing so. You can upload your backups to the cloud in two ways: stream directly or use our seeding service.

To ensure your seed drives are properly packaged for safe transit, we require the use of StorageCraft seed drives, which you can request for a nominal fee. You’ll receive up to four 2TB drives and a burly, hard-sided box with foam padding.


Please note that use of StorageCraft Cloud Services requires:

  • ShadowXafe or ShadowProtect backup software

  • StorageCraft ImageManager 6.7.7 or later

Additional Cloud Requirements and Restrictions

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