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StorageCraft ImageManager simplifies backup job management.

StorageCraft® ImageManager uses a folder structure, which makes job setup and organization simple—configure policy settings on a parent folder (called the backup store), and those policies will automatically apply to all its subfolders. Expand managed folders to see detailed job information, and filter folders to see job details.

This free management software provides continual backup image verification through MD5 validation. For additional verification, set backup images to automatically boot into a virtual environment. Once booted, you receive an email with an attached screenshot of the system login screen showing success or failure.

Use consolidation and retention settings to manage your continuous incremental backup jobs. StorageCraft ImageManager collapses incremental files into daily, weekly, monthly, and “rolling” files, which reduces the length of the backup chain needed for a recovery.

To replicate, set StorageCraft ImageManager to send copies of backup files to a local drive. Or, with one of our file-transfer technologies, send to a network or offsite location of your choice.

Also included with StorageCraft ImageManager is HeadStart Restore®, a technology that enables you to pre-stage a recovery. Multi-terabyte systems can take a long time to recover, even with solid, well- managed backups. That’s why pre-staging a recovery can reduce downtime to however long it takes to reboot your server.


StorageCraft ImageManager doesn’t require you to purchase a license to use it. However, in order to install the software, you will be prompted to accept the End User License Agreement.


ShadowStream licensing

To use our high-performance file-transfer tool, StorageCraft ShadowStream® technology, you need to purchase jobs. When you purchase jobs, you receive a product serial number, which may contain one or more job licenses. You can assign these job licenses to the same or different computers, and you can move them between computers as needed.

Technical specifications

StorageCraft ImageManager runs on most Microsoft Windows operating systems, but we recommend using a Windows Server operating system. (Please be aware that StorageCraft ImageManager 7 will not work on Windows 2000).

StorageCraft ImageManager requires you have Microsoft .NET 3.5 service pack 1 installed.

System Requirements

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