StorageCraft ShadowProtect - Backup and disaster recovery software overview

What is StorageCraft ShadowProtect software?

StorageCraft® ShadowProtect® sector-level backup software backs up your organization’s whole Windows IT environment. In addition to reliably backing up everything from systems to data, ShadowProtect software enables swift recovery from disaster as well as headache-free system migration.

(Also a member of the ShadowProtect family of products, StorageCraft ShadowProtect Granular Recovery for Exchange allows for rapid recovery of granular Exchange database data. It doesn’t feature backup functionality. Its purpose is to let you search for and recover emails and mailboxes easily.)

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ShadowProtect software is one component of the StorageCraft Recovery Solution, which provides you with all the tools you need to recover your IT systems anytime, anywhere, from any disaster.


StorageCraft Technology Corporation offers several different types of products in the ShadowProtect software line:

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StorageCraft ShadowProtect

How do ShadowProtect software editions differ?

Each ShadowProtect edition features a unique user license that determines the type(s) of operating systems (OS) it installs on. Managed service providers, IT professionals, and business owners each can select the edition or combination of editions that fits their Windows environment. The exceptions are ShadowProtect IT Edition and ShadowProtect Granular Recovery for Exchange.

ShadowProtect IT Edition works on an unlimited number of servers and workstations with any Windows operating system for a specific period of time. As mentioned before, ShadowProtect Granular Recovery for Exchange has a different purpose: this software is made specifically for recovering granular data from an Exchange database.

ShadowProtect Feature Comparison

Product FeaturesStorageCraft ShadowProtect
DesktopVirtualGREIT Edition
Back up your entire disk drive, including systems, applications, services, configurations, settings, and dataYesYesYesYes-Yes
Save backups to any disk device or any optical mediaYesYesYesYes-Yes
Back up a non-bootable system before attempting a restore operation-----Yes
Test backup images to ensure their integrityYesYesYesYes--
Schedule backups to occur automaticallyYesYesYesYes--
Schedule regular incremental backups to occur as often as every 15 minutes if desiredYesYesYesYes--
Recover individual files and folders in minutesYesYesYesYes-Yes
Restore a system to different hardware or to virtual environmentsYesYesYesYes-Yes
Swiftly boot a backup image as a virtual machineYesYesYesYes--
Perform a bare metal restoreYesYesYesYes-Yes
Detect and repair boot configuration errors or corrupt hard drivesYesYesYesYes-Yes
Use keywords to search mailboxes, email messages, or entire Exchange databases----Yes-
Recover Exchange emails, email attachments, address book contacts, mailboxes, and more to your production Exchange server or to a .pst file----Yes-
Migrate a backup image from and to physical and virtual environmentsYesYesYesYes-Yes

Which operating systems does each ShadowProtect edition support?

See supported Windows operating systems


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What are the minimum installation requirements for ShadowProtect?

For minimum installation requirements, please visit:

How do I try ShadowProtect?

Free limited trial

Visit StorageCraft ShadowProtect software trial downloads to download a trial version. The trial version is a free 30-day license. Restoration functionality is limited to recovering files and folders. System volumes cannot be restored. Backup images created during the trial are compatible with the full-priced ShadowProtect software.

Note: the ShadowProtect Granular Recovery for Exchange limited trial doesn’t have a time limit, but recovery functionality isn’t available.

Free StorageCraft Recovery Environment evaluation

You can apply for a StorageCraft Recovery Environment evaluation. The evaluation version is a free license of ShadowProtect that does allow for system volume restoration but does not include StorageCraft Hardware Independent Restore technology. Backup images created during the evaluation are compatible with the full-priced ShadowProtect software.

Note: Because ShadowProtect IT Edition licensing is based on time periods and doesn’t require software installation, no evaluations or trials of this product are available.

How do I buy ShadowProtect?

Our how to buy page tells you how to get ShadowProtect from one of our reseller partners or through our web store.