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              Overseeing a disaster recovery solution across multiple clients or sites has no shortage of challenges.

              Full visibility into the status of backup jobs and tools to make administration as easy as possible are critical to success. That’s where StorageCraft® ShadowControl® comes in.

              ShadowControl delivers a central monitoring and management console for StorageCraft ShadowProtect® SPX, StorageCraft ShadowProtect, and StorageCraft ImageManager operations. With complete visibility, you’ll gain peace of mind knowing your backup jobs are running smoothly and that you can remedy any issues before they affect business operations.

              Features and benefits of ShadowControl

              Push Install icon

              Push Install

              Manage machine discovery, push installation (for the ShadowControl agent, ShadowProtect, SPX, and ImageManager), and activations of licenses, all through your ShadowControl appliance console.

              Remote Monitoring icon

              Remote Monitoring

              Know what’s going on with your backup jobs without needing to visit every endpoint in your organization.

              Policy-based Management icon

              Policy-based Management of Backup Jobs

              For endpoints running SPX, configure many endpoints’ backup jobs at once rather than wasting time and effort configuring each separately.

              Hypervisor integration icon

              Hypervisor Integration

              With an optional plugin, monitor and manage ShadowProtect backup jobs from within your VMware or Microsoft hypervisor.

              Alerts icon

              Configurable Alerts

              For the systems you monitor, define the rules that determine an endpoint’s status (Good, Warning, or Critical) and be alerted when a change occurs.

              Reporting icon


              Schedule and receive regular status reports so you and your clients can see the state of the disaster recovery IT environment.

              Use ShadowControl in these scenarios:

              • Viewing the status of your StorageCraft Recovery Solution, across an organization or several organizations, through a single dashboard
              • Monitoring the health of your StorageCraft Recovery Solution and receiving alerts when something isn’t right
              • Using ShadowControl policies to simplify the configuration of alerts and backup jobs instead of having to individually configure them for each endpoint
              • Controlling ShadowProtect, SPX, and ImageManager installations and ongoing updates from a central location
              • Managing ShadowProtect and SPX product keys and seamlessly activating product installations using any licensing option currently offered by StorageCraft
              • Specifically monitoring ImageManager endpoints and the managed folders associated with each


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