ShadowProtect IT Edition - Unlimited Disaster Recovery, Data Protection, and System Migration for Windows Servers, Desktops, and Laptops

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What is StorageCraft ShadowProtect IT Edition, and who should use it?

StorageCraft® ShadowProtect® IT Edition is a standalone tool for IT professionals that enables users to back up and recover any Windows server, desktop, or laptop—even Windows Server 2012 and Windows 10 machines.

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ShadowProtect IT Edition is part of the StorageCraft Recovery Solution, which provides you with all the products and services you need to recover anytime, anywhere. With this solution in place, you can protect data, applications, and systems from any disaster.

As any IT professional knows, managing and maintaining ever-changing business systems can be a challenge. Even just introducing new software into your computing environment can be risky. ShadowProtect IT Edition provides the insurance of a truly reliable backup.

ShadowProtect IT Edition features the core functionality of StorageCraft ShadowProtect software—the ability to back up and recover systems, applications, services, and data—as well as other utilities, such as auto-repair and diagnostics.

Back up systems without installing software

But you don’t have to install any software to use it. ShadowProtect IT Edition is portable. You’ll receive the software preloaded onto a USB key so that you can easily carry it with you whenever you need to back up or restore a machine.

Because of its unique subscription-based model, ShadowProtect IT Edition lets you back up and recover an unlimited number of servers, desktops, and laptops for the duration of your subscription. Subscribe for two weeks, one month, three months, or a year—it’s up to you.
(Please note that each subscription is for only one technician to use to service one machine at a time.)

An essential addition to your IT toolbox

Common scenarios for which administrators, technicians, and other IT pros use ShadowProtect IT Edition:

  • Doing a quick backup before starting any new project or system change
  • Creating a backup image of a system’s original factory settings
  • Migrating to new hardware or virtual environment
  • Supporting electronic discovery (e-discovery) efforts and computer forensics investigations
  • Performing bare metal recovery

Read our ShadowProtect IT Edition Scenario Guide for detailed, proven examples of when to use ShadowProtect IT Edition.

Features and benefits of ShadowProtect IT Edition

unlimited use

Unlimited, Unrestricted Usage

The subscription model, bootable Windows environment on a USB drive, and license server utility allow you to:

  • Use ShadowProtect IT Edition for backup and recovery without installing any software
  • Burn a CD/DVD from an included ISO file for use of ShadowProtect IT Edition on a machine without a functioning USB port
  • Back up and restore an unlimited number of machines, one at a time, for the duration of your subscription
  • Restore a backup image to a different machine, even if the failed machine doesn’t have ShadowProtect software installed


The Backup Wizard and Verify Backup Image tool enable you to:

  • Capture everything—systems, applications, configuration settings, services, data—on servers, desktops, and laptops
  • Back up Microsoft SQL, Exchange, and SharePoint servers and other critical application servers, including updates in memory
  • Encrypt backup image jobs to securely protect data
  • Save backups to any disk device (such as removable, local, and network drives) or any optical media (CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Ray discs)
  • Back up a non-bootable system before attempting a restore operation
  • Verify backup images to ensure they’re in a known good state for fast and reliable recovery


The Restore Wizard, Restore Volumes option, Browse or Restore Files Wizard, and StorageCraft Hardware Independent Restore technology let you:

  • Perform a bare metal restore in minutes
  • Restore a system to the same or different hardware or to virtual environments
  • Mount a backup image quickly and browse it in order to recover a file or folder
  • Restore an entire data volume from a backup image file
  • Restore two or more volumes automatically in one operation
disk copy

Disk Copy

With the disk-copy feature, you can:

  • Copy the contents of one drive to another
  • Create this copy without performing a backup
  • Create this copy for use when attempting to fix a corrupted partition or for use in forensic investigations
diagnostics, troubleshooting

Diagnostics and troubleshooting

The StorageCraft Recovery Environment for Windows Boot Configuration Utility and Disk Map let you:

  • Detect and repair a boot configuration error or corrupt hard drive when the automated repair process fails
  • Repair or replace information required for startup that may get lost during migration from one drive to another
  • Update the boot configuration when the old drive configuration doesn’t include what’s needed in order to boot on a newer drive


The Backup Wizard, Restore Wizard, Image Conversion Tool, and StorageCraft Hardware Independent Restore technology let you:

  • Migrate a backup image from one physical machine to another
  • Migrate a backup image from one virtual environment to another
  • Migrate a backup image of a physical machine to a virtual environment
  • Migrate a backup image of a virtual environment to a physical machine

Want to learn more or get ahold of a printable document?

See our support documentation, listed below, for more information:

Technician Licensing

We license ShadowProtect IT Edition based on licensee’s payment of a subscription fee, and the license is per technician. The licensed technician can use ShadowProtect IT Edition on an unlimited number of Windows machines but can service only one machine at a time. Choose from a two-week, one-month, three-month, or annual subscription.

License Agreement - detailed information about the subscription license


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Technical specifications

Newly supported environments

In addition to all previously supported systems, ShadowProtect IT Edition now supports:

  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Windows 10
  • UEFI motherboards
  • GPT partition types
  • Advanced format hard drives
  • Red Hat KVM/RHEV hypervisors

(Note that ShadowProtect IT Edition supports all the same Windows operating systems that the other ShadowProtect license types support.)


For a complete list of requirements and limitations, see our User Guide: requirements page and the ReadMe document.