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StorageCraft® Plug-in is an optional, free addition to StorageCraft ShadowControl® remote monitoring and management software. This plug-in connects ShadowControl and your hypervisor management console and brings in information about your StorageCraft ShadowProtect® virtual machine (VM) backups.

Directly from VMware vCenter or Virtual Machine Manager within Microsoft System Center, you can:

  • Monitor the current status of your virtual machine (VM) backup jobs, including last backup time, backup size, and next scheduled backup

  • View all VMs running on a hypervisor host and automatically detect which VMs are not protected by the ShadowProtect agent

  • Transition from vCenter or Microsoft System Center to the ShadowControl web console seamlessly with one click when more detailed information, reports, and access to specific logs are needed

  • Push-install a ShadowProtect agent to any unprotected VMs quickly and easily as well as apply a pre-configured backup job so protection can start immediately

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When to use StorageCraft Plugin:

You have business-critical systems that are virtualized, and you need to know that those systems are protected and that their VM backup jobs are working properly. Rather than toggling between consoles to manage VMs and their backup jobs, which can be awkward and inefficient, you can work from a single pane of glass, thus saving time and hassle.

How to get StorageCraft Plug-in

To take advantage of StorageCraft Plug-in you need to use:

  • ShadowProtect Virtual VM backup software
  • StorageCraft ShadowControl remote monitoring software (v2.5.0 or newer)

This plugin is available in two versions:

  • StorageCraft Plug-in for VMware
  • StorageCraft Plug-in for Microsoft System Center

After you download ShadowControl, see specific instructions on how to install the plug-in of your choice:

Technical specifications

System requirements

StorageCraft Plug-in for VMware requires:

  • VMware vCenter
  • VMware vSphere
  • vSphere Web Client
  • ShadowControl 2.5.0 or later

StorageCraft Plug-in for Microsoft System Center requires:

  • Microsoft System Center
  • Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager
  • ShadowControl 2.5.0 or later

For additional details, see:

Inside the console

View images of the console