StorageCraft ShadowControl - Take Charge of Your Disaster Recovery Plan

StorageCraft ShadowControl puts power in your hands

Available now: StorageCraft Plug-in – easily monitor and manage backups directly from VMware or Microsoft System Center

StorageCraft® ShadowControl® gives you remote monitoring of every StorageCraft ShadowProtect® installation in your entire organization, warning you when problems arise. Now you won’t just hope your backups are working, you’ll know they are working.

ShadowControl is the latest tool in the ShadowControl line of management software designed to work in conjunction with the award-winning, best-in-class ShadowProtect backup and disaster recovery software.

ShadowControl has these benefits:

  • Remote monitoring of ShadowProtect backups
  • Tiered monitoring of multiple locations or departments within an organization
  • Automatic notification in the event of a status change
  • Ability to set specific rules for your particular backup environment
  • Detailed reporting on individual EndPoints or every system in your organization
  • Web-based interface

Because of its flexibility, you can set up ShadowControl in a way that suits your organization and then remotely monitor every ShadowProtect installation across your organization. This puts you in control of everything in your backup environment.

Features and benefits of ShadowControl



Remotely monitor every server, desktop, or laptop that is running ShadowProtect backups.


Global View

View every installation at a specific location at the appliance level, or run all of your appliances through a single portal to monitor all your locations at once.



Set automatic email alerts so that you know when something changes in your backup environment based on criteria you specify.


Set Rules

Decide the conditions for warning and critical status changes for the systems you manage.



Create status reports on individual machines or gather information about your entire organization.


Web Interface

Monitor your ShadowProtect backups from anywhere in the world through the ShadowControl web-based application.

Save Time

Have a global view of everything that’s happening with your backups without constantly checking and re-checking every system. Remote monitoring saves the time and expense of visiting each and every machine in your organization.

Save Money

Minimize the cost of managing your business continuity plan by centrally monitoring all of the ShadowProtect backups in your backup environment. Anticipate and address problems before they become critical and expensive issues and proactively manage your DR plan.

Save Storage Space

ShadowControl was designed to give IT professionals, managed service providers, and system administrators peace of mind. Now you can remotely monitor every ShadowProtect installation across your organization, putting you in control of your backups.

Want to learn more or get ahold of a printable document?

See our support documentation, listed below, for more information:

  • Data Sheet - an overview complete with features and benefits
  • Product Brief - a look at IT challenges and how this product helps you resolve them
  • Scenario Guide - proven examples of when to use this product
  • User Guide - the user manual—step-by-step instructions
  • Readme - a supplement to the user guide—system requirements, enhancements, issues


End User License Agreement - licensing terms and conditions